This election won’t change anything so use your common sense - Yvonne Nelson

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Yvonne Nelson in advance has declared the upcoming 2020 elections worthless.

According to the actress, the December polls will not change anything, therefore, people must use their common sense. Yvonne is making this statement as the EC is registering electorates and she has made it known that she won't go and register, considering the COVID-19 risk.

"Politician: stay home, stay safe ~ people: ok ~ Politician: go out and register ~ people: ok ME: the politician doesn't care about you, use your common sense this election won't change anything in your life, joining crowded queues endangers your life," she tweeted.

Yvonne's comment has, as usual, attracted mixed reactions as fans asked if her decision means she is not going to register to at least vote to support John Dumelo his friend. Others are also asking Yvonne that why didn't notice this when she staged a demonstration against the then NDC government.