You are not my role model' – Freda Rhymz to Ohemaa Dadao

Ghanaian female rapper, Freda Rhymz Ghanaian female rapper, Freda Rhymz

Freda Rhymz has cleared the air about her new beef with Ohemaa Dadao, stating that she is not a role model to her.

This followed claims by Freda Rhymz that Ohemaa Dadao sent her a DM stating she loves her and wants to be like her.

"We went to Kumasi and I saw her I said 'Hii'. I want to clear the air that I never followed her. She is not my friend. She is not my role model. I don't want to be like her and so why would I follow her?" she said.

She added: "You know the people that I used to work with, Hashtag. Way back they were the ones that were managing my account. I think they knew about her; I hadn't heard about her and they told me that there is this person. So, they used my handle."

Freda Rhymz emphasised she didn't want to talk about the uprising issue between her and Ohemaa Dadao.

"I followed people around to learn how they performed on stage and all that but it wasn't her. We just met, I think; I went to support a friend to perform at Repor Hall week, and this was like five years ago. Because my management had told me about her then they used my Instagram to send her a DM."

Freda admitted knowing about the message her former management sent to Ohemaa Dadao and was okay with it.

She claimed that was how she got to know there was someone by the name Ohemaa Dadao.

She stated over and over that her primary focus was her new song, 'Saucy' which was released and featured Sista Afia, who she previously beefed with and made amends with later.

"Why would I want to concentrate on something that is irrelevant. What is most important right now is the song I have out and that's what I'm trying to promote." she said.

Source: 3 News