'You sounded stupid as usual!' – Twitter users slam DKB for saying witches killed Nicole Thea

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Ghanaians on Twitter showed no mercy to comedian DKB for claiming that YouTube star Nicole Thea's death was caused by the spiritual attack.

DKB, in a tweet yesterday, claimed Nicole Thea, who is the girlfriend of UK-based Ghanaian dancer Global Blog, died during labor because she displayed her pregnancy on social media and was attacked by witches as a result of her actions.

"You display your pregnancy so much, you think principalities and witches will not attack you? RIP dear, other girls, learn your lessons. There are spiritual forces roaming and looking for victims," he tweeted and deleted immediately it backfired.

He was described as an 'idiot' while others claimed he sounded 'stupid' as usual.

"@dkbghana you are an IDIOT. Do you have a proof Nicole died cos of Witchcraft? Twitter should even block you from using this bluebird. This death is not a COMMEDY CENTRAL so shun the Fool. Bribiaa na mo de ignorance ne gyimiiii abata hoo. Cut the girls family some slack."

Source: pulse.com.gh