Atta Akyea; The Disappointment In The Akufo-Addo Government

Atta Akyea, Minister of Works and Housing Atta Akyea, Minister of Works and Housing

The appointment of Atta Akyea, as the minister of Works and Housing in 2017, is a reflection of how we have failed as a state, not only in terms of development, but harnessing the human resource potential of this country.

To describe him as a square peg in a round hole is an understatement. After more than three years as minister, it is time for Ghanaians to protest loudly to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for choosing one of the worst since the ministry was created to occupy that strategic portfolio.

I know Ghanaians, have learnt not to expect anything much from a president, who promises heaven, but delivers very well and in most cases nothing, but this appointment we should not consider it as a lavish celebration of nepotism and go to sleep.

Ghanaians are dying, they are being displaced by floods, they are losing their properties, the minister responsible for ensuring that, we see the end of this phenomenon is nowhere to be found.

Apart from food, the next important basic necessity of life is accommodation.

In 2017, when president Akufo-Addo, nominated him, he told Ghanaians that, he is giving him the job based on his performance over the years, first as a lawyer and legislature. It is obvious the president when he made those comments knows something that we do not know, after three years, the comments portrays Akufo-Addo, as having a poor sense of history and judgment.

Ghana, has never run out of men of substance to man its affairs, one can never have enough of people in various field of endeavour to steer this country to a desired end, so I am still at a loss as to why, of all the human resources available to the president, he chose Atta Akyea, for that sensitive ministry.

When he appeared before the appointments committee of Parliament on 31 January 2017, he expressed his vision for the ministry he had been appointed to and promised to complete all uncompleted housing projects started by the John Dramani Mahama administration.

He told the committee that he would prioritise the construction of houses for members of the judiciary, but more than four years, after his appearance, not a single structure has been erected.

He further disclosed at the vetting that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) would implement strategies designed by the previous government to solve the perennial flooding in Accra and other parts of the country, adding the flooding situation in the country would be better in the coming days

In March 2017, Atta Akyea, shortly after taking office, he promised government was going to construct storm drains, to prevent the perennial flooding that has been the bane of residents in Accra.

In April 2018, when the minister, addressed the media after inspecting some drains in selected flood prone areas in Accra together with officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), he said, "Government has provided an amount of GH¢ 17.3 million to ministry to help resolve the perennial flood problem in some part of the country".

The minister was quoted by the Ghana News Agency as saying "Without a permanent solution, the cycle of allocating monies for desilting drains which will eventually be filled with rubbish will never end", adding, It seems our greatest undoing as a nation is our predilection for mediocrity and perversion of transformational values.

Fast forward to June 2020 and the minister is still making excuses, speaking in an interview with the media after he joined the people of New Juaben North and South municipalities in the Eastern Region to desilt gutters and clean the environment, Mr Atta Akyea, "proposed the adoption of submerged drainage systems in the country to help deal with the indiscriminate dumping of refuse into open drains as a way to minimise flooding".

You will read similar stories in the months following June, until today, he has been on tour more than all the ministers combined from month to month, from year to year, for the same reason-flooding.

It is very simple to know a great man. A great man does not come like wild fire burning in the harmattan. He does not come as a loquacious and boastful soul.

Atta Akyea, is not only half-baked but has mastered the art of making excuses and promises. Since 2017, as a minister of Works and Housing, a ground is yet to be broken to start construction of any housing project in the country.

He has ensured that, the ones that were at various stages of completion when this administration assumed office, has not been completed.

The Saglemi Housing projected which was bequeathed to them by the Mahama administration and has become their nemesis, has remained as it was, when they inherited it.

He has become an overlord, who when he has nothing to give is mother in-law is stealing from her. The housing deficit in this country, keeps widening, so even if there is corruption associated with the project, please complete it and accommodate Ghanaians, as that is what is important to them. Crime, has no statute of limitation, you can always go after past government officials, you think have embezzled money.

One painful lesson I have learnt from this government is not to expect any radical reform in the way our country is run, from this President.

After all, has it not been said that, once you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed?

Source: By Abdul Razak Bawa/