Boniface Has Gone From Insensitive To useless

Boniface Has Gone From Insensitive To useless Boniface Has Gone From Insensitive To useless

Since Boniface Abubakar, was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina Constituency, he has achieved nothing except empty promises.

He is yet to complete one project he has embarked upon almost three years as MP. One road, which sounded the death knell on Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, has been made worse by Boniface Abubakar, in his attempt to fix what his predecessor couldn’t do.

The road from Preset Junction, through to Melcom to the main station, as well as the market, has gone bad from worse.

The potholes on the road are not only many now but are dangerously close to each other that it becomes counter-productive trying to swerve them.

It is worse at places, where the road was already in a state of disrepair, which means that the road is now almost unmotorable.

With the rains in, the road has become unmotorable. Last year, as with many of the roads in the country, some contractor moved to site to work on the road.

After about a month of work, the contractor abandoned the road, blocking access to homes.

When the residents raised the issue, the contractor was called back to site, but again it was a nine day wonder.

The road has now been completely blocked, because of a drainage that was constructed to divert the flow of water.

This paper is of the opinion that if money, is not available to ensure that when construction starts, the contractor will stay on site until completion, why start?

The arbitrary nature where contracts are awarded without the necessary funds is an abuse, in our view, and cannot be rationalised under any circumstance.

To compound the problem of motorists plying the road, he blocked the road in front of his office last Sunday for a programme, without any warning sign to divert the flow of traffic.

Boniface, must remember that, when Alhaji Sorogho took them for granted, he paid for it, his days are equally numbered, they days when they talk their way out of problems are over.

Boniface, must be looking at his watch lately. He’s nearing the end of his tenure and he can see from the writing on the wall that he cannot repeat the hubris of 2016.

Madina deserves better.