CNN’S Hatred For Donald Trump Is Driving The Network’s Report On Coronavirus

CNN’S Hatred For Donald Trump Is Driving The Network’s Report On Coronavirus CNN’S Hatred For Donald Trump Is Driving The Network’s Report On Coronavirus

By Abdul Razak Bawa

If you have a heart problem, or you are someone who gets nervous easily, Cable News Network (CNN), is the last television network, you would want to watch, during this coronavirus pandemic.

For years, CNN, has been my major source of world news. I watch it religiously anytime I am home. Friends and loved ones, will attest to the fact that, anytime I am home and my television is on, I am either watching CNN or cartoons.

The fact that, CNN, detest the Republican party, is not a secret, the same can be said of Fox News and the Democratic party.

But never in the history of CNN, has the network hated one man, as they have done to Donald Trump, before, during and after the 2016 elections.

Our elders have a saying that, if you do not take your time to kill atsetsefly that has landed on your testicle, you will end up hurting yourself.

The hatred for Donald Trump, has been taking too far, every observer of the American politics, will know that, Trump, was not fitted for the job of president, he does not have the temperament and the capacity to lead, but as we Africans believe that, it is God, who appoint leaders.

When fear is employed, facts are incidental and that is what CNN is employing at this moment during a crisis that, is sweeping across the world.

The news cable network, has since the outbreak been foraging for bad news. The Dangomba people have a saying that, if you want to retaliate someone who has farted at you, you will end up easing on yourself. CNN, has continuously since the inception of the administration of Donald Trump like the proverbial Ostrich, they have buried their heads in the sun, and has refused anything good the man has done.

The coronavirus nicknamed Covid-19, pandemic goes beyond Donald Trump. The world has not encountered a crisis that started in Wuhan Province in China, but today has presence in almost every country in the world.

In journalism, it is said that, no news is bad news, but with this pandemic, we must begin to call a spade, a spade, not a digging tool, the public must not be fed fear, they need to be told of glimmer of hope, they have to be reassured that, things will get worse, before it get better and that the world is not coming to an end, this one too as I wrote not long ago shall pass.

CNN, is about two things these days, they are either reporting on how the world is on edge and about to explode or how badly Donald Trump is managing the crisis.

Donald Trump, cannot be characterized, his style of leadership, is something the world has never seen before, he make his own rules, he does not respect the status quo, you have the right to disagree with him, but as one of the world’s biggest news network, the world is not all about Donald Trump.

You can never turn on your television and hear some good news from CNN. All the experts, both medical and economic that they talk to only spell doom for the world and all of these people have certain hatred towards Donald Trump.

So, we the ardent watchers of CNN, are paying a price for Donald Trump, we have been caught in the cross fire and we are being bruised every day.

Donald Trump is also not prepared to go down alone and easily. He has shown time without number that, he is capable of fighting his own battle.

The more they try to put him down, the more he comes back fighting hard. The agenda from the beginning was not to get him elected, when he managed to surprise even his die hard supporters, CNN, was in the forefront of getting him impeached, when that agenda failed, they have been presented with another opportunity and that is his handling of Covid-19.

Listening to commentaries on CNN, anyone who has just tune in to the network for the first time, would think the administration of Donald Trump, has been such a woeful failure.

I believe that the list of those responsible for effecting change in America, runs long and wide to cover everyone – artisans, entrepreneurs, politicians, public servants, professionals, princes and paupers alike, president Trump is just one of them.

National development is a duty in which everyone has a share. The earlier CNN realises this and buckle up and stop the doom and gloom the better it will be for everyone.

It is good to tell the story no matter how it looks, but always focusing on the negatives,will not be in anyone’s interest.

The world is racing against time to get a cure or vaccine for this pandemic, bringing down Donald Trump, will only serve one purpose and that is to satisfy CNN, but that will not be the panacea to fighting Covid-19.

Democracy being the proclaimed system of life, and this democracy is what the world keep on clamoring for, why then is diversity hard for us to accept?

Why then can’t we accommodate our differences? Why then is it difficult to understand the differences in our thinking paradigms? Our faces, colors, natures and attitudes are not the same, why then are we expected to subscribe to similar thinking faculties or have a singular opinion?

I will end this with a small story that clearly illustrate the fact that, we see things differently, but we must at all times, see the glass half full, rather than half empty.

I remember a relevant folklore story suitable to advocate for respect and accommodation of the differences of opinion in the public sphere. The story of an elephant kept in a deeply dark room and a few number of people are called to go into the room, to touch what is in the room, and come back to explain according to what they touch. The invited people enter from different doors, and there were able to touch different parts of the elephant's body. Those that enter from front, were able to touch the elephant trunk, and believe the room contain a round tall pole, those that enter the room from the side touch the elephant's stomach and the thighs, to them the room contain a rock and subsequently those that enter from back touch the elephant's tail and believe it is a tiny tall tree that is kept in the room.

CNN, please start showing and talking about the progress being made in finding the cure or vaccine for Covid-19, the world needs hope, reassurance, a renaissance, we are tired of the bad news because of your dislike for one person.