Changing The Narrative In Our Music Industry

Music industry Music industry

As football has propelled the name Ghana and made it popular, so has music also taken the country's name for people to know and visit.

Music they say is food for the soul, it tells people's stories and interpret stories about life, lifestyle and things happening in the society.

Music has become global as it has changed the narrative of many individuals and countries included. It has put certain countries and individuals on a certain pedestal across the World.

Someone will ask how does music benefit the economy of a country like Ghana? How does it help the society? What narrative can be changed in the Ghana Music industry?

Nigeria can be used as a case study. Nigeria has benefited a lot from her music.

The perception of Nigeria being a country known for fraud and scam has been washed away through music .

Nigeria is now known as the home of music genre; Afrobeat because of the conscious effort to change the narrative about the country, the people, culture and their music.

Now across the World, if you mention the Nigeria, fraud and scam doesn't come to mind, the first thing is music. They have been able to bridge the gap and created a niche and everyone have accepted them as a music country leading in Africa.

In 2019, when the President of Ghana, AkuffoAddo announced it as a year of return, they spent money to promote the year of return agenda for the people at the Diaspora to come and visit.

Rapper Sarkodie won the Black Entertainment Television Awards (BET) best international flow in 2019, the maiden edition and stood on the World platform to propagate the year of return agenda which created a lot of awareness for the people at the diaspora to come home and that year we all witness a lot of people visiting the country for the year of return because of the speech of the musician, that's how powerful our musicians can be to the country.

Ghana they say is the gateway to Africa, the moment music is mentioned. As a gateway to Africa, how a is our music being positioned outside the country?

Our neighbors, the Nigerians have taken the lead and we are following suit but there are a lot of work to be done in our music country to change the narrative of our music to getting the mileage it deserves out there outside Ghana.

The music industry needs structures. Musicans Union of Ghana, (MUSIGA) the mother body for all musicans in Ghana needs to stand up and builds platforms which will propel our musicians for their music to go global.

Our musicians do everything themselves, investing in their craft when it comes to shows, videos, music recordings and promotion. We don't have investors in our music industry like other African countries like Nigeria and South Africa. That's what musiga should be doing by lobbying and looking for investors to invest in our industry.

The gatekeepers also needs to pitch our artiste to foreign industry players who can connect them to people with power for our songs to be playlisted. It's not always about being on Radio and Television criticizing when you have done nothing for the artiste to gain as a gatekeeper.

Ghana as a country has so many talents that can go global like other African countries and with proper investors, promoters, structures, we can compete in the foreign market just like others are doing.

Someone will talk about production quality, that's proper sound and quality video with great contents, but all these comes easily when everything has been laid down for the artiste.

Ghana Music already is doing great with the likes of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, King Promise, Amaarae, RockieDawuni, Kwesi Arthur, and the new generation taking the music global but there's a lot to do if we as a nation with a national agenda wants to conquer the World and get our songs playlisted on several platforms.

Source: Amponsah Kyei Bismark