Coronavirus: This One Too Shall Pass

Coronavirus: This One Too Shall Pass Coronavirus: This One Too Shall Pass

Understanding can overcome any situation, however, mysterious or insurmountable it may appear to be—Norman Vincent Peale

On December 9, 2019, the world woke up to news that shook its foundation.  The very existence of mankind is under threat as a new virus has laid siege, affecting in its wake both developed and developing nations.

No one has been spared, as those who have contracted the virus, include the poor, the rich, the powerful and the famous.

The world is at the cross road, we all live on the edge now, not knowing what to expect the next minute, hour or day.

On a daily basis, there are reports of countries, including Ghana, joining the club of nations with reported cases of the virus.

As of Sunday March 15, Ghana, has recorded six cases of the virus.

Coronavirus officially known as Covid-19, was first reported in Wuhan Province of China on December 9, 2019.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is worried about the pace the disease is spreading and has declared it as a pandemic.

Every misfortune that befalls the world, presents an opportunity for us to see each other as one. Countries have taken measures to protect its citizens and those living within their jurisdiction but that has not been enough to stop the spread.

Countries that hitherto thought they have not only military but economic might to withstand any attack are calling for help.

This is not the first time mankind has come face to face with an epidemic that has the potential to wipe us all out. As we race towards finding a cure for the virus, our leaders must begin to imagine what our nonchalance towards climate change will cost us one day.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that may cause a range of illnesses in humans or animals.

Among the most well-known Coronaviruses are Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and Swine Flu. The most-recently discovered Coronavirus causes Coronavirus disease and has been code-named COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is known so far to have originated from an animal.

In 2002, SARS, another virus from the same family as Corona, appeared in China. It spread worldwide within a few months, although it was quickly contained. SARS is a virus transmitted through droplets that enter the air when someone with the disease coughs, sneezes or talks.

Between 2014-2016, there was another outbreak known as Ebola, this virus could accurately be described as a West African problem, as the region was the hardest hit.

The world came together, resources were made available and once again, the world came out stronger, we triumph and things were back to normal.

It is to be expected the panic the disease has created, but governments all over the world, have pledged and are working with experts around the clock to have a vaccine as early as practicable.

It is sad that traditions that have been observed for over 200 years, have had to be cancelled, for the first time even in Ghana, Church Service and daily obligatory prayers for Muslims, have had to be canceled.

Funny though, whiles in other sane climes, effort is being made to get a vaccine for the deadly virus, in Ghana, we are always reminded that, the world is coming to an end.

If I am optimistic of anything, it is that the human spirit does not give up. We are built for things like this, it is in situations as we have now, is what reminds me of the endless possibilities of the mind.

Necessity it is said is the mother of invention.  Mankind has lived through times and has always adapted through inventions and breakthroughs, this time around will not be different. We shall prevail.

Nothing beats effort and the whole world, irrespective of our differences, is rallying round a common course.

I am hopeful anytime I watch the news or read stories that sooner than later, this thing will be over soon. We have gone through worse times than this and I have never doubted the human spirit, we will always overcome.

In the mean time, we all have to adhere to the new guidelines, social distancing is the best approach to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Other sanitary precautions have been proposed, including washing hands with soap constantly and the use of hand sanitizers.

There is a lot of wrong information about the current epidemic given the power of social media that turns just about anyone into “specialists”. Each country has credible sources of information and there are various international organizations that competently provide information. Top of the list are World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, National Public Health agencies, and well-established, reputable media organizations.