Do We Ask The Chinese Their Purpose For Coming To Ghana Before We Allow Them Entry

Do We Ask The Chinese Their Purpose For Coming To Ghana Before We Allow Them Entry Do We Ask The Chinese Their Purpose For Coming To Ghana Before We Allow Them Entry

The territorial integrity of every country is very important, as far as keep the citizens safe is concerned. President Donald Trump, as a candidate for the Republican party in the run up to the 2016 elections, promised to build a border wall between the US and Mexico. He is making good his promise as the president of his country.

He did not stop there; recently he has placed visa and travel restrictionon some countries, including Nigeria. Trump has been called names, but he is unrelenting in his resolve to keep Americans safe and promote their interest.

Since August last year, the administration of Muhammadu Buhari, has closed Nigeria’s border with Benin Republic due to the massive smuggling activities, especially of rice, taking place on that corridor.

The main concern has been not just smuggling of diverse products, especially rice, across the country’s borders but also cross border banditry and other forms of criminality.

Nigeria, has signed free trade movement agreement with other West African countries, yet it had decided to put Nigerians first.

Ghanaians, who visit China, recounts stringent security checks they go through at the airport, by Chinese immigration officers, before they are allowed entry into the country.

The purpose of the visit must be adequatelydemonstrated, including sometimes declaring how much money, you are carrying into the country, if not one will be sent back home on the next available flight.

Sadly, Chinese nationals enter this country, with us not asking them the purpose of their visit and how long they intend to stay.

Until the Chinese got involved in galamsey, Ghanaians were only doing it with shovel, head pan, and pickaxe, they introduced Shanfan and excavator and today, we have a crisis on our hands, our forests are being depleted and water bodies polluted.

We believe that with growing destruction of the forest and water bodies, it has become imperative and a matter of necessity for us to start asking the relevant questions and following up to find out whether they come into the country to do what they say, they are coming to do.

To win the fight against galamsey, we also believe that Ghana Immigration Service and the Customs, need to beam a searchlight on everyone visiting the country.

Anytime an arrest is made a Chinese national, will be among those arrested, how do they enter the country and end up in our forests, someone is not doing their job.

If we mistake symptoms for disease, our remedies will not protect us and this we have done over the years.