GetFund Scholarship Fits Ursula Owusu, She Will Come Back And Insult Us With Her Knowledge; Adwoa Sarfo Only Went To Buy Make-Up

GetFund Scholarship Fits Ursula Owusu, She Will Come Back And Insult Us With Her Knowledge; Adwoa Sa GetFund Scholarship Fits Ursula Owusu, She Will Come Back And Insult Us With Her Knowledge; Adwoa Sa

By Abdul Razak Bawa

The hypocrisy and greed exhibited by some Members of Parliament in the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) inanity stand absolutely condemnable and are hereby condemned.

The revelation, which is as absurd as can be imagined, has left many Ghanaians, asking whether to refer to those Members of Parliament as honourable or horrible members.

The day we learn to say sorry, I was wrong is the day, this country, will be counted among serious nations in the comity of nations.

We justify good, we justify wrong, we justify everything, for as long it involves a member of my party. The Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya and deputy majority leader, Sarah Adwoa Sarfo, is the dumbest of them all. Her justification for being included in a scheme that was designed for needy, but brilliant students was laughable and is a demonstration that, she did not deserve the scholarship, even if she was needy.

She wasted the money, because whatever she went to study is yet to reflect in her life.

Adwoa Sarfo, had the unique opportunityto explain herself, by at least convincing Ghanaians that, despite being part of the elite group and a member of the fat cow, the training had an impact on her.

Adwoa Sarfo, in her defense on Facebook, said the tone in which the news was reported in the media is “an attempt to smear my reputation as a Member of Parliament and Minister of State and box me into a self serving public official.”

According to her “…the purpose was to attend a program at the Harvard Kennedy School to enable me serve my Constituents, Parliament and Nation better”.

The legislator got some $12,800 as living allowance, while the tuition fees were $17,004 for a Conference at the Harvard Kennedy School in the US.

Sarah Adwoa Sarfo’s statement on Facebook, defending the sponsorship does not meet the threshold of honesty, because if you look at the amount given to her for a two-weeks course and yet some needy but brilliant students are denied local scholarships,  all that one can say is that political hypocrisy is a religion amongst Ghanaian political elite.

First of all, Sarah Adwoa Sarfo, should bow her head in shame, her decision to first of all access the funds, which cumulatively is about thirty thousand United States dollars, was poor judgment on her part.

Before she took to Facebook to write the thesis, she should have asked herself, how many people in her Constituency that money could have helped.

No one is saying MPs, do not deserve to go for training, they need to upgrade themselves, as the work they do, they need to be on top of issues, but some things are just no go area for them.

As an MP, you are exposed to endless opportunities, but to take from the poor, who are already suffocating, is not a compliment that must be entertained.

Over 90percent of Ghanaians view politicians, especially Members of Parliament as being dishonest,so, Adwoa Sarfo’s lame excuse for stealing from the poor,only goes to confirm the believe of Ghanaians.

It is said that, the deed makes the man, AdwoaSarfo, has demonstrated through her explanation that, she of course went  to the US, to buy make-up.

If it was Ursula Owusu, not only will the trip help her properly represent or serve her constituents, but it will sharpen her mouth, after picking some lines to come and insult us well well.

What Bill, has Adwoa Sarfo promoted since she returned from the course, it is the painting on her face that, has gotten the better of her.

In US, where she went for the course, representatives to the House of Senate or Congress are remembered for the Bills they promote, as well as their voting pattern, how has Adwoa Sarfo, voted since she entered parliament.

We listen to her when she is on her feet in the chamber of the August House, nothing in her delivery indicates that, she has come back from the training with any repertoire of knowledge to help her serve her constituents.

Her character is true to the type of politicians we have today, who in serving themselves claim they are doing it for the ordinary people, they steal and share our collective till and tell us, they are doing it to make us better.

Politicians in Ghana, since 1992, when we introduced the fourth republican dispensation, have been dancing naked to the music of greed and self-aggrandizement of the worst order and we the citizens watch on, our solace out of the malady has been prayers. We pray in the morning, afternoon and evening and yet we keep electing the same people, who come only for themselves, friends and families.

The ruling elite class in Ghana has a mischievous way of being rude to those they love to describe as the poor. The condescension cuts across the spectrum, cadre and dispensation whether in a military regime in the country or democracy. And their agents inflict these insults without any qualm of conscience or compunction

Her swift attempt at damage control only made her case worse, a further confirmation that she didn’t learn anything new when she attended the course.

Adwoa Sarfo, did not respect her constituents and Ghanaians well enough to issue an official statement, rather she took to Facebook to parry such an important issue.

Adwoa Sarfo, should be surcharged, she has to return every dime, she is not worth a penny, in her stead I propose that, Ursula Owusu, should be given a scholarship, even if we don’t get anything from her trip, we can be certain of one thing, she will come and insult us.

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