Gloria Akuffo’s Legacy As Attorney General Is Nolle Prosequi

Gloria Akuffo, Attorney General Gloria Akuffo, Attorney General

In case, you are wondering what Nolle Prosequi is, it is a Latin phrase meaning "will no longer prosecute" or a variation on the same. It amounts to a dismissal of charges by the prosecution.

Although, there is a widely held opinion that, the wheels of justice grinds slowly and each time a plaintiff approaches the court to seek redress, he or she does so with the desire for expeditious justice.

There is a legal aphorism that justice delayed is justice denied, in Ghana today under the leadership of Gloria Akuffo, as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the wheels of justice does not grind, nor grind slowly, neither is it delayed but rather it is denied.

Ghanaians are not oblivious of the unfriendly circumstances under which the Minister operates, suffice it to say, she is not the first person to occupy that position, so no excuse can suffice to explain away her lackluster performance.

Some of the factors that could hamper her delivery, ranges from inadequate courts' facilities and personnel, poor remuneration and welfare packages for state attorneys, political interference, and above all underhand practices by some judges.

Despite all the above, no Attorney General under the fourth republic has filed for nolle prosequi than Madam Gloria Akuffo.

A lot of people expected much from Gloria Akuffo, having served in the office she is occupying today as deputy for eight years, she cannot tell us, she did not know the problems that exist in that office.

The first day, she walked into that office, she knew her way around, she knew the capacity and capability of most of the attorneys in that office, she could tell the role each is fit for, so I am at a loss as to why, her performance, has fallen short of her predecessors.

May Ghanaians have been left in tears, not because they have lost loved ones, but because the country their dearly departed loved and gave their lives for, has refused to get them justice.

Of all the case, which have caught public disquiet and anger are yet to be adjudicated on, the only feedback we get as Ghanaians is that, the Office of the Attorney General has filed for a discontinuation of the case , not even the footages caught on camera, with plethora of witnesses was enough to secure conviction.

A typical example, is what happened in when 13 Delta Force escaped from lawful custody, after eight of their colleagues sparked confusion in the court in protest of the Judge's ruling that the 13 be remanded and not given bail.

The 13 were arraigned before court, following their attack on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator in 2017.

The footage which was captured on video caused quite a stir in the public space and the hoodlum publicly admitted their actions and tendered a public apology to his victims

To every onlooker, it was an open and shut case: the evidence was there, the witnesses were ready to testify, and the accused admitted and even apologised.

On paper, it was the easiest case to get a conviction for both the judge and the regional security co-ordinator, but that was not the case.

The charges were eventually dropped under controversial circumstances by the State for lack of evidence.

The Attorney-General's Department at the time said it had not sanctioned the state prosecutor in Kumasi to drop the case involving the eight who raided the court.

Since she took office, a lot of high profile cases, such as murder, kidnapping, corruption etc, which have put a dent on the country, are not being given the seriousness they deserve.

It is common these days to hear people say, if you do not take your security serious and you lose your life, you will die a foolish death, because with Gloria Akuffo, at the helm of affairs, the wheel of justice never comes to an end.

The lawyer, we have hired as a people to defend us, who we pay, with all the accompanying pegs of occupying such a sensitive position, has failed, or has refused to make accuse persons pay for their crimes in the face of glaring evidence.

I am no longer surprised these days to hear the Attorney General's office, has filed for nolle Prosequi, it has now become a common phrase, because it is the easier way out..

I hope it is not negligence of duty, lack of capacity or a deliberate ploy to let criminals off the hook? Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good

Ghanaians are often quick to forgive wrongs. This sort of forgiving attitude now permeates the justice system in which ideally there is no room for forgiveness.

The state as an objective impartial entity should have no capacity to forgive. Rather it should punish felons as a way of using deterrence to curb criminal and unjust behaviour!

The family of the late J. B Danqua-Adu, former Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North, are crying for justice. Daniel Asiedu, who has been accused of killing the MP, The accused

The family, friends and loved ones of Adams Mahama, are calling for justice, how long before they could put finality to the tragic end to their husband father, brother etc.

I am pleading on behalf of the family of Prof. George Benneh, his death should also not go unpunished, it should also not take forever to dispense justice, his blood is still boiling, the Attorney General, should not allow time to temper with evidence.

The unfortunate shooting to death of the Member of Parliament of Mfantseman, Ekow Hayford is still unfolding, suspects have been picked up and will soon be arraigned before court, it is my hope that, this will be different, they will be speedy trial and the criminals convicted.

The reason why we have so many criminals wielding guns these days, is because they know when the law catches up with them, the case will take long to adjudicate and eventually be thrown out for lack of prosecution.

She cannot continue to be denying Ghanaians the justice, they so need, the rate at which criminals are getting away with murder is becoming one too many.

They are many lexicons in law, either than nolle prosequi.

The way criminals are treated and pampered, it not surprise that, they commit acts of violence with bravado, and kill innocent senselessly.

Source: By Abdul Razak Bawa/