Gomoa Fetteh Elders’ Throw Dusts At NPP National Chairman

Gomoa Fetteh Elders’ Throw Dusts At NPP National Chairman Gomoa Fetteh Elders’ Throw Dusts At NPP National Chairman

The elders of Gomoa Fetteh traditional area in the Central Region, have allegedly accused the National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Freddie Blay, for meddling in the chieftaincy dispute and land issues in the area in favour of a self-styled claimant to the Gomoa Fetteh stool.
The elders are claiming that activity of the legal luminary and National party chairman of the governing party, is not bringing an end to the chieftaincy crisis in the area.
The Gomoa Fetteh area, has been bedevilled with issues of landguard and chieftaincy brawl over the past decades, over who is the rightful person to ascend the throne.
According to the elders, in spite of the fact that the chief who has over the years been fomenting troubles in the area was dead his stooges with the support of the National Chairman of the NPP is bent on reversing the situation to the state of insecurity where people who have lawfully bought properties in the area are haunted by landguards led one Kwesi Alhaji, a self- styled Mankralo of the area.
‘In their attempt to keep the fire burning to sustain the illegalities they have perpetrated on innocent property owners in the area, have resorted to the use and patronage of prominent politicians who have also acquired properties in the area’.
The said individuals made up of Old Soldier from Aburi, Ekow Abaka from the clan of Twidan are brutalising people in the area with the support of the National party chairman and the president of the Central Regional House of Chiefs by name Nafo Krampa, are selling lands indiscriminately in the area.
A petition signed by Ebuapanyin Kwame Annan of the Abor Twidan Royal Family under the Akyepim Traditional Council and addressed to the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and copied to the National Elders of the NPP, National House of Chiefs and the Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs, said land has allegedly been made available to the party chairman and his colleague businessmen in return to protect the activities of the said Kwesi Alhaji and his cohorts.
The Ebusuapayin alleged since the said Kwesi Alhaji got the support of the NPP chairman, he has made himself the Mankrolo of Gomoa Fetteh, when there is nothing like a Mankralo in the chieftaincy titles of the Gomoa Fetteh traditional area.
He said, the Central regional house of chiefs, is aware of the self-acclaimed title of the said Mankralo, but they have been silent because the NPP chairman is pulling the strings in return for the protection of his properties.
The petition averred that politicians led by the National Chairman of the NPP have vested interest in lands available at Fetteh and are doing everything possible in offering protection to the said people led by the said Mankralo who made the lands available to them without recourse to the traditional families.
The petition averred that the royal family currently has not installed anybody as Mankralo of Gomoa Fetteh as some people have been made the unsuspecting public to believe because of their illegal land guard activities in the area.
The family, has been confering with elders in Gomoa Fetteh to elect a legitimate person for the position of a chief of the area
“We have not installed anybody to steer the affairs of the area in the name of a title like Mankralo”, he stressed.
He said neither has the family has also appointed any land guard to lead in the activity of the sale of lands in the Fetteh enclave.
The Ebusuapayin further called on the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh, to ensure calm returns to the area after the death of the late chief.
“We are reliably informed that the late chief’s cohorts who parade themselves as land guards are terrorizing unsuspecting property owners in the Fetteh area”.
He further called on the Minister of Interior to ensure calm returns to the area, in order not to mar, the good works the National Security operatives did with the swoop on the hardened criminals hiding in the Gomoa Buduburam camp area.
He said, the worrying phenomenon of land guards in Gomoa Fetteh, has compelled landowners and developers living in the area, to on several occasions make a passionate appeal to the IGP to urgently reshuffle the leadership of Police in the area.

Source: theheraldghana.com