Hagar Amidu: Like Father Like Daughter

Hagar Amidu: Like Father Like Daughter Hagar Amidu: Like Father Like Daughter

By Abdul Razak Bawa

The apple, it is said, doesn’t fall far from the tree. The same eagerness and the opportunity to be heard is what drove the daughter of Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, to respond with dispatch claims made by Mahama Ayariga on PM Express on JoyNews with Evans Mensah.

In an interview on Tuesday evening, Mr Ayariga, said despite his ongoing legal tussle with the Special Prosecutor, he does not have any issues with him or his family.

He went on to recount what he described as a recent trip he embarked on with Mr Amidu’s daughter, and how she sympathised with him concerning the ongoing court case.

Hagar Amidu, who is a carbon copy of the father, exhibited the same characteristics of the dad, by quickly jumping on an innocuous statement to settle scores.

According to Hagar, who called into News Night hosted by Emefa Apau, Mahama Ayariga’s claim that he drove with her in his car to Bawku as they discussed the issue was untrue.

“I overheard him saying he is free with me and that he had a conversation with me on the matter. I’ve never ever sat in his car.”

“I’m not part of it…It’s none of my business…I’m not a Special Prosecutor. He should deal with the Special Prosecutor. I don’t even know whatever is happening so I don’t know why he should come out and talk about me and mention my name.”

The speed with which Hagar, responded to Ayariga, speaks to the psychological orientation of father and daughter.

Mahama Ayariga, is the most hunted man in Ghana today. Martin Amidu, has made it his personal commitment that, when all is said and done and the curtains come down on his appointment as Special Prosecutor, if all he could achieve is to put one man away, that man should be Mr Ayariga.

Mahama Ayariga, refers to Mr Amidu, as his father, I am sure many will be wondering, which father will hate his son so much to the extent of wanting to jail him.

It is said that to err is human, but to forgive is divine. Martin Amidu, does not have forgiveness in him.

No matter the transgressions of Mahama Ayariga, the vendetta being waged by Mr Amidu, is one that beats imagination.

Mahama Ayariga, is innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of jurisdiction, but Mr Amidu, has already condemned the man before he has his day in court.

Up until today, no one knew what exactly has been the cause of the frosty relationship. Hagar Amidu, has put the issue to rest, when she told Emefa that ““I used to have a good relationship with him. I’m not fighting with him. This is between him and my father and that is their work. I’m not part. I’m not a politician. I want him to leave me alone”.

We now know whatever happened between Ayariga and Mr Amidu, is politics.

Section 79 of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959) defines “corruption and corruption-related offences” to mean, offences under, Section 146, 151, 179C, 239, 252, 253, 254, 256, 258 and 260 of the Criminal Offence Act, 1960 (Act 29); Section 92 (2) of the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663); and existent offences under enactments arising out of or consequent to offences referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b).

I cannot hold brief from Mr Ayariga, as the courts are there to adjudicate on such matters, but I am not the least enthused by the decision of the OSP, to pursue a matter in which the money involved is not even up to Gh¢50,000.

My understanding of the reading of the act establishing the office is that, Mr Amidu and his people have their mandate cut out for them, they are to go after officials who embezzle huge sums of money, not the chicken change that Mr Ayaiga is accused of not paying by way of import duty.

First of all, can anyone just walk to the any of our ports and go clear his or her goods, without the assistance of a clearing agent.

Mr Ayariga, is a Member of Parliament, and a lawyer by profession and not a clearing agent, so how can he be accused of clearing cars without paying import duty, but as they say, the law is in the bosom of the judge, so I leave it to the Judge.

The future, belongs to the young ones. Tomorrow belongs to Mr Ayariga and Hagar, she should remember that, the wish of every parent, is to be buried by the children, not the other way round.

It was wrong for Hagar, to draw her sword on Mr Ayariga, she showed her hands, when what Ayariga, was doing was building a bridge for her to walk on to him.

The hunter, can become the hunted tomorrow, Ayariga, today is facing one of the most difficult times in his life, because a man he calls his father, who knows him well and perhaps knows his weakness, is after him. So don’t rejoice over the plight of your brother.

The tables can turn tomorrow, four years ago, Ayariga, was a minister of State and wields some considerable power, hopefully next year, when Ghanaians vote out Harry Potter and his retinue of appointees, Ayariga, will like a Phoenix rise again.

A wise person, will not jump out of a floating ship, onto a sinking one, the current administration is sinking, the Special Prosecutor is clutching on ant infested log, to redeem his eroding image.

Whiles chasing after the small change, BOST contaminated fuel issue remains unresolved, Anas Armeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI petition to the OSP against Charles Bissue, remains unresolved, the Kelni GVG contract has not been touched, Ghana Maritime Authority former boss, Kwame Owusu’s , alleged corrupt act, remains unattended to. This list is not exhaustive. You can add to it.

If Ayariga is guilty, the law should take its course, but it must not be seen as, he described it as witch hunt.

It is indeed a great time for Hagar, she should enjoy whilst the media attention lasts, after all but for Ayariga, mentioning her, no one knows she existed, so in condemning Ayariga, she should equally spare a moment to thank him for the honour done her.

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Source: theheraldghana.com