How EC Plans To Rig On December 7

Adwoa Asuama Abrefa, Samuel Tettey, Eric Bossman and Jean Adukwei Mensa Adwoa Asuama Abrefa, Samuel Tettey, Eric Bossman and Jean Adukwei Mensa

The new Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has been on a mission since their appointment: change the electoral system to ensure that your appointer remains in power. And they have delivered that substantially until now.

History will recall that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and some opposition parties consistently exposed the new EC on their deliberate, yet irrational steps, towards changing the electoral system, ahead of the 2020 elections.

With about 60 days to the crucial 2020 elections, it is important to alert the citizenry on how the EC intends to roll out their election day rigging machinery, since the exposé on past activities have resorted in corrections of their rigging plans.

First is the Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs). Yes the machine to scan your QR code in the final register on election day for verification using your index finger, or verify you using your facial features has been compromised.

You will be surprised to know that the EC has two functional types of the BVDs based on the activate and deactivate process. The difference is in the RESET buttons.

Each BVD count the number of verified voters. Either Finger, Facial and Manual. It is important to state that upon an activation and deactivation of some of the BVDs, the total verified voters are cleared to Zero. Others Don't.

With one, the stored data is protected when the RESET button is pressed. So, anybody who got verified and passed to vote is properly captured, even after RESETTING the verification device.

On the other type of BVDs, the data is completely deleted when the RESET button is activated. Meaning, people who got verified and voted early in the day can return in the afternoon to get re-verified and vote again when the RESET button is activated. Anytime the BVDs are reset, those who got verified earlier and did vote, can return to the polling station to vote again.

It has been established that, polling stations identified as strongholds of the ruling party are to have the BVDs that after deactivation and activation process, the data would be cleared. This means, if the agents of other political parties are not vigilant, those who have already gone through verification can come back again and vote.

Another fresh revelation is that the EC has made provision for SIM cards and WiFi communication compartments on the BVDs. These two communication features exist besides the memory card compartments.

Ghana's election is done offline, but the EC has provided external communication access to the BVDs. Absurd, huh?

Meaning, the EC BVD can be connected to a system through the sim card to either an internet or a private network where manipulation of voters who have already been verified can be done.

So, anybody who has WiFi service in the area, and can detect the link of the BVDs, can easily hack the device, read whatever has taken place at the polling station, and even manipulate the number of people verified or the number of registered voters on the memory card.

Unless members of the general public are ready to standby at the voting center throughout the voting period, to ensure that any detected challenge with a BVD is corrected, the voice of the people will be stolen by the EC and its collaborators.

This is a breakdown of what is about to happen on 7th December, 2020. A word to the wise is enough.

Source: Maame Akosua Kessewa