Is Francis Xavier Sosu Still The Madina Parliamentary Candidate For NDC?

Is Francis Xavier Sosu Still The Madina Parliamentary Candidate For NDC? Is Francis Xavier Sosu Still The Madina Parliamentary Candidate For NDC?

I am really not interested in whether, Francis Xavier Sosu, is ready to wrestle the Madina Constituency Seat from Boniface Abubakar, he can decide to play catching up, but for as long as he is the parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the collective interest of the delegates who elected him, as well as the supporters of the NDC overrides his.

Sometimes you just know it when something is not right. The uneasy feel, instinctive and intrinsic feelings are all tell-tale signs of an obvious anomaly and are sometimes needed to be relied on as clear pointers to outliers.

The election of Francis Xavier Sosu is one of those times. When news broke that he had beaten two other contestants to win the primary, after an earlier loss to the former Member of Parliament (MP) Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, my initial thought was that of a surprise but then I consoled myself with the fact that a constitutional process had taken place, an election had been conducted and an outcome decided. It was time to put our weight and support behind the choice of the delegates.

Francis Xavier Sosu, though this was not the first time, he is putting himself up for the election, was not a thorough bred politician, but as a successful lawyer, I thought he was going to put his best foot forward, knowing full well that, the task ahead was not going to be easy.

Since his election, he has vanished from the Constituency, to be fair to him; I didn’t expect anything different, as his campaign was done, as though the man was operating from the shadows.

A lot have happened since his election for which, he should have taken advantage of. The residents of Madina, are looking for leadership, which they have been denied for quite some time now.

Sosu should have hit the ground running, immediately after his election, but instead he has gone into hiding.

In an election that, you are coming from behind, like a football match,  you are expected to work twice than your competition, who is the sitting Member of Parliament (MP).

In marketing, you are thought that, sometimes it is difficult to market a new product, that is why, most companies, will choose to use introductory pricing, to break through the market.

Boniface Abubakar, is an astute politician, an experience one at that, he has been tried and tested, his weakness and strength are known, he has an advantage over Sosu, because when all is said and done his party the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is in power.

He has access to resources, you don’t have, and so when going into a contest with him, you should work twice as hard as him. The race before Sosu, is a tough one and he needs to see it as such.

Madina Constituency, since 1992, has been won by the National Democratic Congress (NDC), until the last election, when complacency sets in and the party, through the inaction and lackluster performance of the MP, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, lost both the parliamentary and presidential polls.

Francis Xavier Sosu, has had his own share of missteps since he was elected, he is not present in the Constituency. Although it is early in the day, as a first timer and one who wants to not only make an appearance but wants to win, by now posters or billboards should have been seen in the Constituency.

During the Christmas festivity, I was expecting to see a banner or billboard from the candidate wishing the people of Madina merry Christmas.

I could not believe that such an August occasion, will not jolt the man into action. What is more painful is the fact that, he is not known in the Constituency. Anytime you bring his name up, the question, you are often asked is, who is that, can I see his picture?

Christmas is not only a time of sharing, but it is a time, where a lot of people are home and have the time to go round. A billboard or banner with your picture wishing them the best of the yuletide, is an opportunity astute politicians cannot afford to miss.

A very important road in the Constituency, which has been the bane of residents and visitors to Madina, did not catch the eyes of the NDC parliamentary candidate.

A politician, does not only create an opportunity, but he takes advantage of one created by his opponent.

Timing is very important in politics, when you decide to do what, goes a long way to help enhances your chances of winning.

Sosu cannot deliberately ignore opportunities, and expect to win. Businesses and residents along that road had endured almost two years of agonizing experience. Businesses have collapsed as  a result of the abandonment of the road, after construction started, making it unmotorable.

Sosu could have organized some journalists, take them on the tour of the road, speak to shop owners and residents along the road to appreciate what they are going through and give them an assurance of getting the road fixed, when elected to represent the people of Madina, but no, he sat back and allowed a very glorious opportunity to make a statement and launch himself pass him by.

Sosu’s saving grace is that the constituents are losing hope in their Member of Parliament, they are disillusioned in his performance, such a people will swallow the imperfection of any candidate. Who offers them a glimmer of hope that tomorrow will be better.