Ken Ofori-Atta; Is A Snake In The Grass

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta

Back in Bishop Herman College, we had a minister nicknamed Risky, when he is coming you don't see him, but before you could make your mind, as to which direction to run towards, he will just disappear, so when you hear whistles of 'egbolo' to wit he is coming, you have to take to your wheels.

Until Ken Ofori-Atta, was appointed to the Ministry of Finance, the place used to be the preserve of processed, patriotic, compassionate and disciplined minds.

It used to be a place for cool heads and considerate public servants like, Dr. Kwesi Botchwey, the late Baah Wiredu, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, Seth Terkper etc- and not someone who is coldhearted, insensitive.

It is a trite secret that, government upon government, all at one point in their administration, have accused their predecessors of running down the economy, this is a familiar path that, we are used to.

So it came as no surprise that, when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took over power in 2017, they accused and still do sadly almost four years into the administration that, the economy they inherited was in a coma.

In as much as we have been fed this cock and bull story over and over again, they should at least give us some scintilla of intelligence by telling us the assets they inherit and let us be the judges of whether the liabilities are more than the assets or vice-versa.

I have asked myself time without number, what exactly Ken Ofori-Atta's game, since he became the minister of Finance.

Since his appointment in 2017, he has only lived for himself. He is vacant of compassion and empathy, he stands for nothing and every decision, he has taken since 2017, has been for his selfish interest and those of the family.

Ken's approach to governance is both savage and irrational; he would have been a more ruthless tyrant if he was the one in the helm of affairs at the Flagstaff House.

One things is clear, Ken pleasures himself with destroying businesses that do not belong to him or any of his family and friends, even some friends who were his competitors before he became Finance Minister, he had to deal with.

Ken is an aboriginal tyrant, who does not think twice, when coming after you. He behaves like an elephant or a wounded snake; it clears everything and everyone in its path.

Every student of Economics knows that, of the factors that leads to the collapse of businesses, as far as government policy is concerned, competition is not part, if anything at all, competition is good, as it brings out the best in organizations and helps to serve customers well.

Enterprise Insurance and Data Bank are suddenly making abnormal profit, while other insurance companies and financial institutions are operating at a loss is clearly in conflict with economic logic.

The country is in an economic doom, the only companies that are booming are the ones in which the finance minister, has interest in.

The government ably led by Ken Ofori-Atta, came to power with an agenda, to do exactly the opposite of what they have promised.

His first and perhaps major agenda, was to go after businesses owned by individuals perceived to have some affinity towards the opposition National Democratic Congress. In order to stop the NDC from functioning properly and be ready for election 2020, he has to collapse banks that belong to members of the party.

I am not against any measures undertaken to save depositors funds. But such measures must be implemented with a human face, not like some kind of vendetta.

Ken is involved in espionage; his insurance company is now the preferred insurance for all government workers. Most workers have been forced onto Enterprise Insurance, without their approval. Instead of creating a level playing field where other insurance companies, can compete, he has directed the ministry of Finance and other allied institutions to only use his company for any transaction involving government workers.

Data Bank, has its hands in every government transaction. Ken does not understand what conflict of interest is. My fear is that, innocent Ghanaians who want to maximize return on investment, will go to Data Bank to buy an instrument, what they do not know is that, should they be change of government, their investment will become a target for the succeeding government, after all, Ken has taught them, not to deal kindly with businesses belonging to your political opponent.

Ken Oforo-Atta's hypocrisy has no part two. It is so glaring and nauseating that anytime he quotes any verse in the Bible, I cringe.

He comes dressed in all-white like a dove, he quotes the Bible anytime it suits him, but his actions are very malicious, you can easily take him for being wicked.

Ghanaians, have realized three and half years into the present administration that it was a very costly mistake they made in 2016, when they were blinded and bamboozled by vacuous but overwhelming propaganda to give power to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), it is now using the power to muscle the few of them out of business.

Ken in opposition was a delight to listen to, he came across as someone who was considerate, God fearing and a unifier, he put up a very impressive appearance, a people-friendly mien, little Ghanaians know that, he was your typical wolf in sheep clothing.

Ken is the most dangerous person in Akufo-Addo's government, he comes bearing gift but it is a Trojan Horse he is offering Ghanaians.

Source: Razak Bawa