Letter to the justices of the supreme court; Let Justice Prevail In the Election Petition

Supreme Court Judges Supreme Court Judges

Dear Justices,

Justice it is said must not be done, but must be manifestly seen to be done, and since the law is in the bosom of the judge, I plead with you to humbly consider this letter as coming from someone, who sees your privileged position as a sacred duty to the country.

Ghana is one of the lucky nation on the surface of the earth, many times the country has gotten to the breaking point and all these times, God has seen us through the stormy waters, but we cannot be lucky all the time.

My Lords, you represent the conscience of the nation, you are the people we run to, when everyone and everything has failed us, that is why you are expected to be above reproach.

You can endear yourself to Ghanaians if your verdict at the end of the petition would be more of a reflection of your conscience and the law than a posturing that depicts you as Justices, who are beholden to President Akufo-Addo, for having appointed you.

As we look forward to your date with fate sometime February ending, I am filled with excitement and a foreboding of glad tidings that your ruling will usher in for Ghana and the rest of the world.

Many Ghanaians would rather go to the elders than seek justice in courts. Many would rather go to a shrine or to a pastor than go to court with a civil case. Even in criminal matters, rather than go to court, many prefer to use the police as adjudicators and peacemakers.

My Lords, in a democracy, all men are equal. All men have equal rights because the rights of all are an outcome of their humanity, not their size, not their pocket, not their office, but their humanity.

In a democracy, law is supreme and among laws, the most supreme of the laws is the constitution, which is the grundnorm of all other laws. It is from the constitution that ALL offices derive their power. That is the true meaning of Rule of Law!

My Lords, even before the trial could commence, the pretrial which usually sets the tone for what is to come, is not going well as expected.

A fair trial, means that both parties in a dispute feel confident that the processes leading to the final verdict, give both the defendant and appellant that, a level playing field.

As a mentioned earlier, this is not the first time the result of an election is being disputed. We have what you judges refer to as judicial precedence, so forgive us laymen when we seem confuse, as to what look like new rules are being introduced, especially when certain reliefs which were sought in the 2013 election were granted and today, are being thrown out.

My Lords, I know time and the exigencies of your profession, does not allow you to watch television, listen to radio, or log onto social media, so I will help you out, as to what people are saying.

My Lords, Ghanaians are largely of the opinion that, the petitioner will not get justice. As laymen, we may not understand the rules of court or the reasoning behind every single decision you take, so you can forgive us, when what we watch on TV and listen to on radio, gives us course for concern.

My Lords, you are the custodians of the law, when you cough or sneeze, it becomes law, i cannot question your decisions or how you arrive at your rulings, but what i can see is, if something does not add up.

There is no common sense in law, as you always tell us, but I trust that in a very sensitive and emotion driven issue, like an election petition common sense must and should be applied.

The voice of the people, it is said is the voice God, the people believe and rightly so that, the election was not free and fair. The only way to restore sanity and confidence back into the system is to grant the wish of the petitioner, who had been done by, by the Electoral Commission for a run-off.

My Lords, the essence of democracy, is to allow the people to choose who they want to govern them, this decision cannot be decided by a few people, who feel beholden to the appointing authority. Every decision taken from the sacking of Charlotte Osei to the appointment of Jean Adukwei Mensa, to the compilation of new voters register, pointed to one thing and that is to rig the 2020 election in favour of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

My Lords, you are presented with the unique opportunity to right the wrong done to John Mahama, to correct the injustice that was inflicted on Ghanaians, do this bearing in mind that in 2016, when as sitting president, John Mahama lost the election; he gracefully accepted the outcome as the will of the people.

I am hopeful my Lords of a new dawn in Ghana, a time when despite the lack of trust people have in our judicial system, you will dispense justice, without bias or ill-will.

My Lords, Ghanaians expect nothing from you but justice. Your decisions must be unambiguous; it should not be subject to interpretations and opinions.

You have a date with destiny, posterity should remember you my Lords as setting this country on the path of true democracy, where politicians and political parties, think whatever happens at the polling, collation, regional to national centers, do not matter.

The mantra has been that, if you can steal, do it at the polling centre, once you let your guard down, nothing can be done.

My Lords, that is not the true meaning of democracy, where one man is entitled to one vote.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com