MTN; Can’t You Reduce Your Data As Your Competitors Do?

The country’s leading telecommunication network provider The country’s leading telecommunication network provider

For MTN, the country's leading telecommunication network provider with over 50percent subscriber base, trouble no longer rains, it pours. The network despite being the leader in the market for several years is yet to put a smile on the faces of its customers.

Everything that is wrong with telecommunication in this country and you can trust MTN, to be the leader there as well.

In microeconomics, economies of scale are the cost advantages that enterprises obtain due to their scale of operation (typically measured by the amount of output produced), with cost per unit of output decreasing with increasing scale. At the basis of economies of scale there may be technical, statistical, organizational or related factors to the degree of market control.

MTN Ghana, with over 12 million active subscriber base, and over 50 percent market share, is arguably the most profitable company in this country.

No bank, or company in any sector of the economy, can boast of having even half of the number of customers, MTN has.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, nicknamed Covid-19, telecommunication companies are the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic. In Ghana by their sheer size and number, it is fair to argue that, MTN, had the better end of the deal.

The reasons are not far-fetched, when in early March, president Akufo-Addo, announced the closure of schools, many schools across the country from the basic, secondary to tertiary levels, the e-learning option became the in-thing.

In order to keep the academic calendar running and minimize loss of time as a result of the lockdown, many schools embarked upon online lessons for their pupils and students. It is safe to surmise that online teaching or meeting has become the new normal.

Every misfortune is a blessing in disguise or as some will put it, one man's meat is another man's poison. Countries all over the world accepted lockdowns as the most effective way to contain the spread of coronavirus.

People had to comply with the stay-home-order, this means a lot of workers, and students alike had to rely on internet either to work or for teaching and learning.

With the increase in usage, comes the increase in the amount of data one had to buy and this means more money for telecommunication companies.

The government of Ghana, introduced some palliatives to cushion Ghanaians, who were under untold hardships as a result of the partial lockdown.

Even in the darkest moment of the nation, the government gave the people free water for three months, as well as 50percent electricity palliative, of a particular category, to make up for lost income following the coronavirus lockdown in Accra and Kumasi.

MTN, which was the biggest beneficiary of the lockdown, never did anything by way of alleviating the plight of their customers, who were reeling under the burden of COVID-19.

Not even the abnormal times, we find ourselves in, was enough for MTN, to extend some relief to their customers, rather the rip-off continues unabated.

MTN's data charges is the highest in the country, this is despite the aggregated number of users on the network.

Every subscriber to the network, have had at one time or another complain about the service. Sending and receiving money using MOMO, is also another service of the network, that has come under scrutiny many times.

It is not only expensive to use MTN, it is very frustrating and annoying, as the network, has never been stable.

No amount of data is enough for any meaningful work, as one cannot tell when it will run out. In this COVID-19 times, a lot of people depend on data for work and entertainment. Social media, as well as other platforms, are what is keeping us going, but MTN, is compounding our problems by their data charges.

In this day, customer service is in itself a whole package that organizations offer, the reason is not far-fetched. There is a standard technology that every organization uses, what differentiates one company from the other, is customer service.

This is an area that MTN has failed woefully and no attempt is being made to rectify. Nothing, they say lasts forever. When the customers have had enough, which they will sooner rather than later, MTN, will also have a dose of what their subscribers are going through.

Airtel/Tigo and Vodafone, have tried to ameliorate the trying times we live in, have given back to their customers. MTN, since March, is yet to wake up to the realization.

The data plans of these two networks, allow you to bundle for even a minimum of one Ghana cedis, and use it the whole day. You can download and watch videos for 24 hours; unfortunately MTN is yet to get the memo.

Anytime, anyone takes to any of the social media platforms, especially facebook to complain about MTN data charges, the person, is quickly told to switch to Airtel/Tigo or Vodafone and the comments that follows is enough to give any Chief Executive Officer (CEO), high blood pressure.

MTN, should be reminded in no uncertain terms that, their days are number, everyday MTN this MTN that, it is no longer funny and the fact that, it is the same story in all the African countries the telecommunication company operates, must be a cause for concern.

No country, let alone individual prepared for the times we find ourselves in the world was taking by storm, which is why organizations all over the world, are not only giving back to their customers, but society, as well.

MTN, being the market leader, makes a lot of money that its competition, and yet their competitors have recognized and appreciated the fact that, if coronavirus, has thought us anything, it is to be each other's keeper.

It is good to make money for your shareholders, but they should remember their subscribers are their biggest shareholders.