MTN; Everywhere You Go, But Your Network Goes Nowhere!

MTN; Everywhere You Go, But Your Network Goes Nowhere! MTN; Everywhere You Go, But Your Network Goes Nowhere!

There have been continuous complaints by subscribers of mobile telecommunication provider MTN over poor quality of service.

These complaints include: slow internet service, illegal deductions from the call credit of subscribers, dropped/failed calls, network congestion, failed attempts to load recharge cards, inability to activate the services on offer, late delivery/inability to send or receive SMS and misdirected calls among others.

The situation has been made worse recently due to a double undersea fibre optic cable cut in Europe, which occurred a fortnight ago.

According a circular sent to its subscribers, the situation has been resolved and full service restored, but the problem is far from over, as customers are still experiencing poor quality of service, especially with their internet.

In today’s world, a lot of businesses are conducted online, so any interruption in their data service could go and long way to affect their bottom line, it will also affect their trust level, because they deal with clients and business partners, who are outside the jurisdiction.

Some of the services that depend on the internet include; shopping, ordering a car, banking, just to mention a few.

It appears the MTN, always has excuses for all poor services. Although, it is the market leader, it has to a large extent, as we say eating more than it can chew.

MTN is believed to have over 20 Million subscribers, out of a little over 30 million Ghanaians; this is indeed a huge number that should not be disregarded.

In Ghana, while we are good at complaining, we hardly vote with our feet, if we do MTN, would have lost its number one position to any of it competition.

The network provider, is over promising and under delivering, you cannot say you are everywhere, when in fact you are nowhere.

As a newspaper, we call for increased access to ubiquitous broadband across the country and an increase in the number of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), otherwise known as base stations.

We call on the regulator, the National Communications Authourity (NCA) to call MTN to order, the disappointments and heartbreaks are too many, nothing can be more disappointing and painful than making a call or sending a message and you are unable to get through, because the network is congested.