Martin Amidu Stop Attacking Odame As Though He Is Your Rival, Mate Or Coe-Equal

Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu and AG Godfred Odame Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu and AG Godfred Odame

I will like to begin this article with a prayer. May the Almighty Allah, heal Martin AlamisiAmidu of all that is troubling him and most importantly grant him inner peace. Ameen.

Martin AlamisiAmidu, needs no introduction, he is a man who is not afraid to say what is on his mind, his love for the pen and passion for the country, is what has made him a household name.

A former deputy minister and minister to becoming a running mate to John Evans Atta Mills, to Citizen Vigilante and until recently, the first occupant of the Office of Special Prosecutor, he has served his country various capacity with diligence, honesty, patriotism etc.

Those who know him on a personal level, will tell you he is a man who is not after material things, wealth is not his forte and it is the reason why in all his life in public service, not a single allegation of corruption or act of impropriety, has been leveled against him.

But like all men, he is fallible and has his short comings, so whilst we praise him and pat him on the back for a goodjob done for mother Ghana, we have to point out his folly and intercede on his behalf in front of the throne of the Almighty.

Martin AlamisiAmidu, a man who does not forgive, neither does he forget. For whatever the reason, or who might have done him wrong, he has been a bitter man since he lost the bid to become the vice-president of this country.

Neither Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, who saw something in him and chose him to partner him in the 2000 presidential election to John DramaniMahama, who eventually won the presidency with the late Mills in 2008, have escaped the vitriolic attacks and tongue lashing of Martin Amidu.

For as long as you cross him,whether deliberately or not, he is General, who takes no prisoners.

Everybody who has at some point occupied the office Martin Amidu once occupied, automatically becomes his enemy.

Starting from John DramaniMaham, who is guilty before Martin Amidu, because he prevented him from becoming the vice-president, to Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman, who became the running mate to John Mahama, in the last election, to Betty Mould Iddrissu for occupying the office of Attorney General, to Kissi Agyabeng for being appointed the Special Prosecutor after he resigned to his latest victim Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney General and Minister of justice.

Godfred Yeboah Dame in an interview on Good Evening Ghana with Paul Adom Otchere inadvertently made certain comments that have ruffled the feathers of Mr Amidu.

Mr Amidu, has lost sleep after the interview and has sunk his teeth into the skin of the Attorney General. He has written at least three responses so far, taking him to the cleaners, lambasting him for his for his hypocrisy, meddlesomeness and conveying a false messianic image of himself.

Godfred Dame, might have gotten ahead of himself and made certain comments that Mr Amidu, finds not to be true, but the approach he has adopted is not the best.

Godfred Dame, is still young and trying to build more experience, he is only able to do so much if he is encouraged not shot down even before he takes off.

He has enthusiasm and passion like Martin Amidu. He has his flaws and don't we all? He got carried away probably because the opportunity offered him got into his head, but he needs the support of all, especially the experience of Mr Amidu.

The older generation, must try to pass on the knowledge and help the young ones to carry on the mantle. No one can be like Martin Amidu, so he shouldn't expect everyone to behave like him. Godfred Dame can only learn by making mistake provided it is not fatal.

Godfred Dame, is young and because of that could get carried away, maturity will give way to youthful exuberance, and so might slip here and there, it behooves of people like Martin Amidu, who have walked this path before, to call him and proffer some advice.

Writing a long winding article to denigrate him, does not also speak well of him. The articles written so far by Mr Amidu, are like as they say, using a bulldozer to kill an ants. Godfred Dame, will need another ten minimum years to get to the level Martin Amidu is today.

Mother luck smiled at Godfred Dame and became perhaps the youngest Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the history of this country, the position does not elevate him to the level of Martin Amidu, so he should stop, think long and hard before throwing unwarranted punches at Mr Dame.

Our elders have a saying that, if you are bathing and a mad man comes to steal your cloth, do you run after him. I do not for a minute suggest both of them are mad, I am only using this to draw an analogy that, Mr Amidu, should not have ruthlessly gone after Godfred dame, as he has done. He should see him as a son, who needs his wisdom, counseling, support and above all encouragement.

The gospel truth is that Mr Amidu is suffering from the omniscience complex. He is a man full of himself to the point of narcissism.

Martin Amidu, should look inside himself and find the strength to forgive. You can't have peace, when all you do is always holding your sword to fight anyone, who crosses you.

Martin Amidu is gradually becoming an unmitigated nuisance, he is suffering from the excessive need to be seen and heard. His attitude is the very definition of existential superiority: I am Martin Amiduand you are not!

Martin Amidu, should take a vow of seclusion and quietness, it is long overdue.

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Source: Razak Bawa