Nation wreckers hide behind strategy for justice and ignore peace - Prof Gyampo

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Lecturer at the University of Ghana Political Science Department, Prof. Ransford Gyampo, has a problem with those using strategy to secure justice.

In his view, such people are not only "lazy thinkers, but are also nation wreckers."

Prof Gyampo added that these nation wreckers are aware that justice without peace can throw a whole nation into chaos.

Read Prof Gyampo's opinion below:

In a very polarized country, should we use strategy to win a case or a case must be won on its own merit? Can't a good case be won without a strategy that outwits and sacrifice peace?

Shouldn't a good or a bad case be based on the principle of "res ipsa loquitur"! (The facts speaking for themselves).

In conflict resolution, the deployment of strategy and tactics may only win justice, but not peace. But justice without peace is like a car without engine.

In my honest view, we must rethink our overly adversarial adjudicatory system and focus on mechanisms for conflict resolution, that doesn't deepen polarization, but keeps society together in peace.

A thinking society must not always pander to norms. We must be able to question and supplant the status quo, particularly if it is not serving any useful purpose. There certainly should be a way of dispute settlement at the courts, that wins both justice and peace.

Those who are only experts in fashioning out strategy to win justice, aren't only lazy thinkers, but are also nation wreckers, as they are well aware that justice without peace can throw a whole nation into chaos. Their victory in securing only justice, should not be worth celebrating by right-thinking people in society.

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Source: Adom FM