Observing Covid-19 Safety Protocols Is A Call To National Duty On Emirates Airline And Dubai

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19), soon after breaking out in Wuhan province in China in December 2019, did not waste time in taking over international affairs, ranging from the economy, sports and diplomatic relations.

The sector that took the hardest hit, is the hospitality industry, in panic, nations began to shut themselves out and down as part of effort to mitigate the harmful effects of the disease and halt the spread.

Dubai, like many cities in the world, was shut down in March 2020, to allow for authorities and other stakeholders to appreciate the situation and map out strategies on how to proceed.

Authorities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) thought through the situation and came to the conclusion that while the country is genuinely worried about the devastating impact of the pandemic, it was important to acknowledge that the ability to restore the growth of their economy was and still is dependent on how the government and people address the public health crisis engendered by it.

So on July 7, Dubai, UAE, officially opened its borders for tourists, who wish to visit from all permitted countries.

Dubai Authorities to ensure that travelers will have confidence to enter the country in line with World Health Organization's (WHO) guidelines put in place protocols to ensure the safety of tourists and people in transit.

Some of the measures announced by the WHO include washing and sanitising of hands, keeping social distance, avoiding large crowds and wearing of face masks.

Emirates airlines, in keeping with its promise of safeguarding the health and safety of its travelling passengers put in place far reaching measures to ensure the interest of customers is paramount.


To ensure the safety and health of passengers, before boarding any flight, customers are called in batches, to limit overcrowding with long winding queues, this is to ensure that, the social distancing protocol is observed. At the entrance flight attendants are stationed to direct passengers to their seats.

The flight attendants are properly dressed in medical protective goggles, hooded overall protective apparel to prevent any transmission of the virus.

When seated passengers are reminded to always keep their facemask on, they is regular announcement reminding passengers to always wear their mask.

Before the plane takes off, in line with Covid-19 protocols, aerosol spray is used to prevent the deadly virus from spreading further.

The airline is following the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations and good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of the virus within the aircraft environment.

Emirates airlines throughout the flights from Ghana to Dubai, always put the passenger at the centre of all that they do.

Every seat is provided with Travel hygiene Kit, included in the kit is, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand sanitizing anti-bacterial wipes.

Passengers are told to check the pocket in front of their seats for the Travel Hygiene Kit, Cabin Crew also go round, asking passengers, whether they need new face mask.

While watching movie or listening to music, or just reading, you are interrupted with a reminder to always keep your face mask on and observe all the safety protocols.

What is intriguing and refreshing is that, at every point in the flight, the cabin crew are always properly dressed, not compromising on the safety protocols.


Countries in March, 2020 locked their borders to restrict movements, even with the lockdowns, the Covid-19 pandemic is still taking its toll on countries, affecting their economies and lives generally.

But with no end in sight as no reliable curative measure has so far been discovered, as only tow vaccines have so far been given approval for use,

The emphasis is on preventive measures of which observing all the protocols is of paramount importance to many countries.

The city of Dubai, was opened to tourists in July, to ensure the safety of every visitor, steps have been taken to ensure that, when you enter Dubai, your health and safety is guaranteed.

At the airport hand sanitizers are placed at vantage points, on the floor at every counter, you are required to maintain a 2meter distance between passengers.

Announcement is being made from speakers at the airport both in English and Arabic about the need to keep your face mask on.

Wearing face mask and observing all the Covid-19 protocols, is like a religion in Dubai.

At every turn, you are reminded of what your responsibilities are. At all the time, you must be in face mask and observe social distance, whether at the Mall, restaurant, in the car both bus and taxi etc.

Even in the washrooms, social distancing is observed. The life of every visitor to Dubai, is something authorities take serious.

Wearing of face mask is a called to national duty and everyone has a share in it. Driving through the streets, those walking, riding a bike, in taxi or bus, face mask never comes off.

Taxis don't pick more than one passenger, all in the effort to ensure the safety and health of tourists.

Dubai is the safest city in the world to visit.

The future of mankind is at stake, but in Dubai and on Emirates Airline, the future is guaranteed.

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Source: By Abdul Razak Bawa/www.theheraldghana.com