PNC; How Do You Suspend The Only Credible Voice in Your Party?

PNC; How Do You Suspend The Only Credible Voice in Your Party? PNC; How Do You Suspend The Only Credible Voice in Your Party?

Away from the ravages of COVID-19 and the dispiriting news of multiple infections and rising deaths, the letter written by the nobody, acting General Secretary of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), makes interesting reading.

First of all, who is Jacob Amoako, the acting General Secretary of a political party that, having contested elections since 1992, failed to get one percent of the votes cast in 2016. What is his locus in the political landscape of the country, does he have gravitas and with all due respect, I don’t think he qualifies to be an assistant of Atik Mohammed.

The politics of PNC, is becoming more like the proverbial horse. After it has been led out of a burning building by rescuers, by strange obstinacy and foolishness, the horse breaks loose from its rescuers and dash back into the building again and perish in the flame.

By such stubborn tendency, traitors  in the PNC, have made the party unattractive to the Millennials, also known as Generation Y.

Dr. Hilla Liman of blessed memory will be turning in his grave today, as the party he labored to establish is gradually being forced into political oblivion.

His legacy is being crushed by people, who do not know what the man went through, after he was overthrown in 1981, as a legitimately elected president, to coming back to contest the 1992 election, until he went the way of all mortals.

The PNC, which is struggling to be recognized, has the presence of mind to suspend the only brightest crayon in the box.

The suspension of Atik Mohammed, the General Secretary of the party, citing incompetence and disregard for his official duties, is laughable, regrettable and unwarranted.

According to a statement signed by Mr Amoako, who is not known outside the offices of the party “the decision to suspend Mr Mohammed was taken at a National Executive Committee meeting of the party following “widespread complaints of his incompetence and his disregard for his official duties” and since that suspension has not be reviewed by the party “he still stands suspended.

Suspending Atik and replacing him with a dark horse in the person of Mr Amoako, cast in bold relief the poverty of the party’s sense of choice

If the PNC, has any future in the political discourse of the country, that burden falls on Atik Mohammed. As a youngman, who has the opportunity to join any of the two leading political parties, decided against all odds, to join a party, which has struggled to maintain any good showing at the polls since 1992, he chose the PNC.

The chances of Atik, getting into parliament cannot be guaranteed with PNC, he can only do that, with the National Democratic Congress, taking into consideration, where he hails from, but he has remained with the PNC, based on conviction and principle. Don’t throw away such an asset, based on disagreement that is not based on principle.

You cannot dim a bright star, the party cannot undo him, the party is still a party because of people like Atik. Who in the party, has the kind of national appeal, he has. If you succeed in chasing Atik out, ten or fifteen years from today, who will carry the torch of the party as it is no longer attractive to the young generation.

Week in, week out, Ghanaians are reminded of a political party called PNC, because of Atik. He is always out there, both on radio and Television, representing the party.

You might disagree with his stance on certain national issues, but anytime he is introduced, he is described as the General Secretary of the PNC.

There is near-unanimity of opinion about his utility as a Scribe of a political party. You might have issues with his politics, but the young man is intellectually endowed and any political that should have him in its fold, is the better for it.

The PNC, is always for defeat at every election. A party that had four Seats in Parliament and it was whittled down to two and now zero, is set never to get back up again, but still Atik, looked inside himself and found the strength to carry on, hoping for a better tomorrow, hoping that one day, Ghanaians will be tired with the two horse race between the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress and look to PNC for salvation or as a party of choice.

I googled the party and to my surprise according to Wikipedia, Jacob Amoako, is listed as the General Secretary. Ghanaians were looking forward to an ensemble of smart picks i.e. the most competent people in the most fitting positions, but alas the names listed would even demoralize the most ardent supporter of the party.

You don’t sell your best only to settle for the worst. Atik Mohammed has made a point of proving to all and sundry that he is the most suitable person, ever to be the General Secretary of the party.

His depth of knowledge spans Economics, politics, agriculture, etc, I can safely describe of Jack of all Trade and master of all.

We see this funny re-occurring decimal more in the so-called Nrumahist parties,  it is becoming an embarrassment.

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr, who by all account is ten times better than most of the people running the Convention Peoples Party today, decided to suspend him. One wonders, with such infantile actions borne out of envy, who is the eventual loser.

These actions that are making the parties unpopular must stop. I am told that, stupidity is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but believing in lies. They are desecrating the name and legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. A party that once upon a time was a rallying call for Ghanaians, is now a poor shadow of its old self.

You don’t spend time fighting each other, and then when it comes to elections, the same energy is not exerted.

Both Dr. Nkrumah and Dr. Liman, left imperishable legacies and given the support and encouragement Atik can do same. He is the new face of the party and as Bob Marley said, it is time to chase those crazy bald heads out of the party.

The party needs men of breaking hearts who can lead it. Men who are prophets, not scribes. Scribes tell people, what they have read.

But prophets tell the people what they have seen. The distinction between the two, are real and profound and as wide as the sea.

Mr Amoako is a  do-nothing, forgettable acting General secretary. He has achieved nothing of note one would allude to, to justify his position.

According to his own statement reiterating the suspension of Atik, “The PNC is very much capable of conducting its administrative and operational duties without Atik Mohammed if the media deems it appropriate to work with the party instead of with individual members who aren’t committed to the course of the Party,” the statement said. I mean really

One would ask, what has been his contribution to the promotion and propagation of the message of PNC, since he assumed the acting role or his only role is to be issuing statements reminding us of the suspension of Atik.

The party must get serious, it will take them another century to get someone as brilliant, as Atik Mohammed.