Poor Sanitation In Ghana

Poor sanitation Poor sanitation

A key challenge facing Ghana is PoorSanitation and Improper Waste Management. This is to say that, waste collected from various houses in the country are not properly disposed. When it rains, the water carries all these waste back to our houses and gutters which causes a lot of problems. Below are some of the causes of poor sanitation.

Firstly, a major cause of poor sanitation in Ghana is improper disposal of waste. People dispose waste materials indiscriminately on the streets which when there is a heavy downpour, gutters tend to choke whichleads to floodinghenceleading to lost of lives and properties.

Also, another cause of poor sanitation is lack of improved sanitation facilities such as toilets and latrines. Since there are inadequate toilet facilities and dustbins on the street, individuals dispose of waste inappropriately.

In order to improve the sanitation in Ghana, there is a need to educate the public on how to keep the environment clean and healthy. This can be done by using various platforms such as newspapers radio and television talk shows on sanitation and organizing community clean-up exercises.

In Ghana community clean-up exercises used to be held on the first Saturday of every month and this was helping to curb the issue of improper waste disposal but now this initiative is no more effective hence it has to lead to an increase in the rate of poor sanitation in Ghana. Community clean-up exercises will involve the members in the communityhencemaking them aware of the need to maintain a sanitized environment.

There should be improved sanitation facilities and dustbins should be made available on the streets to curb the issue of improper waste disposal. When the public is made aware of the need to maintain the community clean and hygienic, the rate of poor sanitation will decrease at a higher rate.

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Source: Richael Ayiku, Student Journalist