RE:Is Francis Xavier Sosu Still The Madina Parliamentary Candidate For NDC?

RE:Is Francis Xavier Sosu Still The Madina Parliamentary Candidate For NDC? RE:Is Francis Xavier Sosu Still The Madina Parliamentary Candidate For NDC?

The Holy Quran says that

"Say! Truth has come, and falsehood has varnished ; Surely, falsehood is bound to perish"-Quran 17:81

By this rejoinder, we seek to respond to and expose the inaccuracies and deliberate attempt to distract the NDC parliamentary candidate, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, the able and hardworking Constituency, Ward and Branch Executives of the Umbrella Party in Madina.

There is no doubt that this article purportedly written by one Josephine Nettey, is a deliberate attempt by certain desperate and faceless cowards to cause commotion and confusion within the NDC IN Madina.

The entire article is not only bereft of concrete and constructive criticisms and offer of ideas but is also full of inaccuracies, errors and a gross display of ignorance, coupled with a deliberate distortion of facts.

First of all, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu won the primaries by beating three highly respected stalwarts of the party in the Madina constituency, and not two, as stated in the article. These were HajiaRuki, who is considered a veteran in the constituency, Hon Faila, who was the Presiding member of the La-NkwantanangMadina Municipal Assembly and a long time party footsoldier, and Hon SidiiAbubakar, the immediate past former National Youth Organizer of the NDC.

It is therefore laughable and incorrect for anyone to suggest that Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu won the primaries by operating from the shadows. Any Madina constituent and political watcher will attest to the fact that Lawyer Sosu was able to put together a highly organized and effective team to run his campaign, and the results of the primaries is enough evidence of that.

The point needs to be made clearly that Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu and the NDC leadership in Madina will not take campaign lessons and strategies from persons who hide behind pseudo accounts to pitch the leadership of the Constituency against each other with an intent to sow seeds of discord amongst us.

In the aftermath of the elections, Lawyer Sosu, together with the Constituency Executives , under the able leadership of the Constituency Chairman embarked upon an extensive and effective Thank You Tour in the constituency, and have together outlined and executed numerous campaign strategies. The NDC would however not be stampeded or tricked to reveal our strategies.

Ours is a party with structures and Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu vowed before the delegates to respect party structures and that is exactly what he has been doing after the primaries.

Having served as branch chairman for six years and contested to be the parliamentary candidate on two occasions, Lawyer Sosu and the NDC leadership in Madina welcome suggestions and constructive criticisms from all friends and supporters.

The point needs to be made without any equivocation that Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu is the only candidate with a clear cut message of hope for the people of Madina. He believes in the capability of the Constituency, Ward and Branch Executives to strategize and execute an effective campaign in order to wrestle power from the NPP.

Author: BansiAbubakar Abdul Hamid

(Deputy Head of PR, Office of the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Madina)

In Response To Bansi Abubakar Abdul Hamid

By Abdul Razak Bawa

Bansi Abubakar Abdul Hamid, true to his designation as the Deputy Public Relations Officer (PRO), in the office of the Madina Parliamentary candidate, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, has responded to my article captioned; Is Francis Xavier Sosu still the Madina parliamentary candidate for NDC?

I thought it appropriate to respond to his rejoinder and also set the record straight, as he also sought to do.

In a spirited effort to expose what he called inaccuracies and deliberate attempt to distract the NDC parliamentary candidate, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu,he provided the questions, as well as the answers.

Given his position, it is hard to fault his emphatic submission. But with alldue respect to him, however, I hold a different view.

Although delegates believed in the capacity and ability of Sosu and indeed gave him a mandate, even though he was not overwhelmingly endorsed, as Bansi, wants me to believe, I am minded to point out that what I have seen and the information I pick on the ground, so far it doesn’t look like Sosu, has done much to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament, Boniface Abubakar, who himself has not lived up to expectation.

There are couple of statements, one would be inclined to agree with Bansi, especially concerning the fact that Sosu contested alongside three other people. In my earlier article, I mentioned that he contested two other aspirants, I did that, because the fourth candidate, HajiaRuki, only added to the number, she polled only 16 votes, out of a possible 1,374.

How can I clearly measure the objectivity of someone, who has been appointed to market Francis Xavier Sosu.

I wrote that article as a resident of Madina, who is not a surrogate of any candidate, in fact if Bansi care to know, I have written copiously, first on the neglect of AlhajiAmaduSoroggho, as well as the non-performance of the current MP, Boniface Abubakar.

I have a stake in the project Madina, and I am conversant with the happenings in the Constituency. Typical of politicians, who are afraid of the truth, I am being called name, when what I did was to bring to the attention of the candidate that, though he won the primary, he is still not known in the Constituency.

Bansi, claimed I only criticized and never offered any solution, I asked where the candidate was during Christmas, a banner or flyer, wishing the people Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year was missing, the people have complained about a particular road, that had caused AlhajiSorogho the seat and with Boniface, work started and was abandoned for more than a year.Which serious candidate would not take advantage to assure the residents of a timely completion of work when he is elected, except Sosu.

The rejoinder can best qualify for a useless narration of what Bansi claims the candidate is doing, his spirited defence cannot undo the glaring ineptitude of his Sosu, who has gone into hibernation after winning the primary.

Bansi, should point to me one poster or activity that the candidate has undertaken since his election, that has held Madina spellbound and the constituents can talk about for months, until the election.

I have no interest in dividing the front of the NDC in Madina, if anything at all, my concern is borne out of ensuring that, I contribute my quota to ensuring the best for the party in the Constituency.

Madina is among the few the NDC can lay claim to, it was a safe seat for the party until 2016, when the same attitude being displayed today, characterized the actions of the then sitting MP.

He had even gone to the extent of threatening to sue me, because I dared to tell him to sit up, else he loses the seat, I was vindicated at the end of the day.

You cannot sit in the ivory tower and pretend to know how the people down feel, they can continue telling themselves lies, but the verdict on the ground is that, Sosu is not visible in the Constituency.

You do not scare away people of goodwill because you do not share in their point of view.

Disregard for free advice is intoxicating. What follows is often a surprise, even to the intoxicated, especially when the hangover is gone.

There are people, who will find their way to you, those are your core supporters, in this case supporters of the NDC, who regardless of who the candidate is, will also be with you and they are people who will never hear from, unless you reach out to them, not everyone in Madina, has heard of Sosu, it is apparent from this rejoinder that, he has people working for him, I will advise them to go out and start engaging people.

Finally, if Bansi, had been minded, he would have found out that Josephine Nettey, was not the author of the article. No desperate or faceless coward is hiding behind anyone to cause commotion and confusion within the NDC in Madina.

You might have a good product, but if you don’t market it well to achieve a sale and repeated sale, it is as useless as a bad product.

A word to the wise is enough.

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