Remembering Ahmed Suale One Year On

Remembering Ahmed Suale One Year On Remembering Ahmed Suale One Year On

Today January 15, marks exactly one year since Ahmed Saule, was shot dead by some unknown assailants at Madina in Accra.

As it had done on numerous occasions in the past one year, the family of Ahmed Suale, is using the one year anniversary of his killing to remind the authorities, especially the Ghana Police service, of its promise to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The family of Ahmed Suale, have been running from pillar to post, pleading with the security service to use every resource available to bring his murder to a closure.

The case took a different sometimes last year, when the then Director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Maame Tiwaah Addo Danquah said one key suspects has been arrested.

Following this revelation, which turned out to be false, many Ghanaians, including this newspaper, joined his family and colleagues to appeal to the Police Service to take the matter serious.

As a newspaper, we call on the Police Service, not to give up on finding the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Many at times in this country, murders of this nature go unresolved; it only becomes part of the statistics.

It is understandable that the police, is under resourced, both human and logistically, as well as the daunting security challenges facing them, that we appreciate, but the Rambo style killing that, has robbed the family of a breadwinner must be priority number one for them.

The family is going through the trauma of losing their husband, brother, son, and father and is compounded by the fact that, the assailants are walking free.

No one, has to die for doing their work. Journalists all over the world are protected by the system. Ghana, is not a lawless country, where journalists will have to be killed in their line of duty.

We urge the Police Service to rededicate itself to the effort to find not only the two guys on the motorbike, who gunned him down, but those who paid them to undertake such a heinous crime.