Senyo Hosi Represents The Future of Ghana

Senyo Hosi Represents The Future of Ghana Senyo Hosi Represents The Future of Ghana

There is a popular African saying that, "the circumstances surrounding the birth of a child is immaterial. The child is here. He must survive, but the story of this child must be told for the unborn generation to know the effort and contributions of those who sacrificed in not only midwifing the child, but seeing to its safe delivery.

When the outbreak of the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, was reported in Wuhan province of the Asian country; China, in December last year, a lot of commendable scientific efforts, have been made to contain its manifestations by China and other countries that have taken unprecedented hit.

In record time, China developed test kits for the virus and built a 1,000 bed hospital to prevent spread of the disease and to treat patients.

The world stood in applause for that Asian country, for the manner in which it, with dispatch, put its money where its mouth is.

COVID-19, without gainsaying it, has become a public health concern, with many countries putting their best foot forward to contain.

Ghana in March, joined the club of nations with reported cases of Covid-19, when two people from Turkey and Norway imported it into the country, since then the numbers have been increasing, with no sign of its peaking anytime soon.

The government quickly moved into action by putting in place measures to safeguard its citizens. It begun by educating the citizens on simple measures that have to do with observing simple hygiene such as washing of hands, using of hand sanitizers, observing social distancing, wearing of nose masks etc.

Despite all that was put in place including imposing a partial lockdown of greater Accra and Greater Kumasi regions and its surrounding towns, the government seemed to have lost the wit and verve with which to fight the pandemic.

The can-do-spirit of the Ghanaian, has never failed when put to the test. The COVID-19 pandemic, has once again brought to the fore the generous spirit of the Ghanaian.

Leading the efforts to give a befitting and lasting monuments to our fight against Covid-19, is no other than one of the finest and youngest entrepreneurs, who has defied all odds, to live a mark on anything he touches.

Enters, Senyo Hosi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD).

In Ghana, we turn a blind eye to the contribution of our compatriot, we do not celebrate them enough, until it is too late, often when they are not around to feel that they are appreciated.

The patriotic spirit that we evoke in our citizens, must be followed with a pat on the back when they do well.

Every generation, will have trailblazers among them, those who dare to think outside the box, they have an enduring spirit that touches many people on their path.

Senyo Hosi, is a generational thinker, a patriot who has strived always to put Ghana first. He led a team that built the country's first Infectious Disease Treatment Centre. Yes the first of many firsts.

For the record, he is the first Chief Executive officer of Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors.

The only scorecard among most politicians, businessmen etc is about making more money and not about giving back to society.

People like Senyo Hosi, will soon control the narrative and not the politicians, who have failed us since the advent of the Fourth Republican dispensation.

With his tenacity, he has shown that, we can do it if we put our minds to whatever we desire. Waiting for politicians to do anything takes a longer period because of bureaucratic bottlenecks. The lives of citizens are at stake, the time to take action requires swift and decisive decisions, and he stood up to be counted.

The Centre was built through the civilian-military co-operation of engineers, architects and other built environment professionals from the Ghana Armed Forces.

Ghana Armed Forces collaborated with the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund to make the project a reality.

The facility has been completed just three months after ground was broken for the project to start.

The facility is a testament to the can do spirit of the Ghanaian, we are capable of anything, what we have lacked is the leadership that can think outside the box and rally us around a common course.

The likes of Senyo Hosi, give us a reason to hope for the future. The present might look bleak, it might look like we are lost but in the midst of hopelessness and despair, we are grateful that we have young men and women whose desire this country succeed far exceeds those who wish that we fail.

Senyo Hosi, wants a country that works for all her people, what he did and continues to do, shows that his passion for Ghana is both evident and infectious.

He wants a country that he can be proud that his children and children children, will be proud of. He deserves to be celebrated and adored.

I wish Senyo Hosi, the best of luck in whatever path he traverse, may the sun continue to shine on your path.

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Source: Abdul Razak Bawa/