Shouldn’t Manasseh Azure Be Touring The Country To Promote His Book?

Shouldn’t Manasseh Azure Be Touring The Country To Promote His Book? Shouldn’t Manasseh Azure Be Touring The Country To Promote His Book?

By Abdul Razak Bawa

I have always regarded Manazeh Azure Awuni,  as a man of very passionate convictions, but lately, after leaving multimedia, I have begun to wonder about the motives that drive his recent contributions to the public discussion of the state of our nation.

Not every journalist, begins his career making it to the top in such a short span of time. It tends to take a long, and windy route before one finally arrives, exceptions to this rule are usually rare, and Manazeh, can qualify as those who had a high flying start.

Again, not many people in their lifetime, try as they did, were able to write a book, but Manazeh, has defied every obstacle, including time, which is very essential, to write a book about a man, he very much contributed in getting out of office.

The icing on the cake for him, was that the same man, he so passionately dedicated his time , effort and resources to hound out of office, was the first person who bought his book, titled the “Fourth John”.

In Ghana, where we are divided politically, it doesn’t take much for one to attain the status Manazeh, had attained.

Manazeh, has mastered the art of towing the middle line, today he will take to social media to write something that favours the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the next day, he will write something that is in favour of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), at every point, he is painted with a certain brush.

Manazeh, became everything good Jospong Group, parent company of Zoomlion. His problem with the NDC government, which has continued till today, is the inability or the lack of interest in them jailing Joseph Siaw Agyapong.


In our part of the world, it is not easy to build a successful business, Mr Agyapong, who cannot be described as a saint, has been able to build a business that, has survived both the NPP and NDC. Ordinarily, businesses are tied to which political party is in power, but Zoomlion, has only growing bigger and better, in spite of which political party is in power.

The distance between the criminal and the successful entrepreneur is not so very far. We both intuitively operate out-of-the-box with an instinct for not accepting the status quo.  We both are not inclined to accept the tyranny of the given.  We both intuitively color outside the lines, so given the opportunity businessmen, will always outsmart the system.

The consolation, however, is in the fact that, Joseph Siaw Agyapong is a Ghanaian, who deserves not only our condemnation, but our support as well. Siaw Agyapong is no exception, I am sure when someone, is also to make it his lifetime agenda to expose the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Multimedia group, Kwasi Twum, he will fall short of all the things Mr Agyapong, is being accused of.

Manazeh, after departing Multimedia, has decided to use the tool at his disposal to still remain relevant in public discourse.

Social media, has become a powerful tool and soon will dislodge traditional media, as far as information dissemination is concerned. Manazeh, does not want to be left out in the frenzy and the euphoria that, has become the order of the day.

Day in, day out, he takes to Facebook, to write on burning issues and take on individuals, whose actions that have far reaching consequences on the development of this country. His sword so far cuts both ways, he says it as it is, regardless of whose oxe is gored.

He is firing from all cylinders, he has become a rolling stone that knows no bound.  His sword has fallen on virtually everybody.

On November 27, at the Christ the King Parish Hall, Manazeh launched a deeply engrossing book on John Mahama’s presidency and rise to power. The book before, during and after the launch was touted to take the country by storm.

Manazeh, has done what many Ghanaian writers have not been able to do. Writing a book on our leaders, while still alive has not been one of our strong suits.

The euphoria and optimism that greeted launch was soon to evaporate because the man himself, has not put his best foot forward. If the same passion that Manazeh hates Mr Agyapong, was expended on his book, I am sure the book will have become a number one seller in the country.

It is expected , and rightly so that, when one publishes a book, he spends his time promoting it. In other jurisdictions, the person goes for what is known as reading tour, all in the effort to market the book, unfortunately Manazeh, who perhaps does not believe in his own handiwork, has resigned himself to been a Facebook warrior.

This piece though is by no means a personal attack on dear Manazeh, far from it, It is, however, some kind of a wake-up call for him to put his money, where his mouth is.

You can’t become a social critic of everything and everyone you disagree with, you will get tired sooner than later, but what you cannot become tired of is something of value like a book that has your name to it.

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