The Agony Of The New Nurse

The Agony of Nurses The Agony of Nurses

Life savers in our hospitals are there for a mission. Though they work to receive an amount of papers with value, they deserve consistency in receiving their rewards. Almost or all government institutional workers do not go beyond six months before their salaries are paid. In the case of our dear nurses, it is the otherwise.

In every institution, there are factors that motivate workers to work hard, be driven with confidence. Salaries are a major factor in this case. Even, bonuses cross the margin to motivate workers.

Unfortunately, new nurses have to face the haunt of inconsistent salaries at the beginning of their first year as nurses unlike, government institutions like the Ghana Police Service, the Military Service, those in the teaching service, doctors and other government workers, the new new nurse has to endure a long six months streak of inconsistent salary..

It is important to note that, after national service, nurses are posted to their permanent work places to continue serving the country but, under a reward scheme. In most cases, these new nurses are sometimes posted to places they have not been before or have no relatives there. Survival together with finding a place to lay their heads become the new battle to fight.

It is a good thing to get posted. It is a stepping stone to making life better but, working without receiving what is due the effort is painful. That is what most nurses especially, the new nurses write everyday as a story of their lives. For some strange reasons, over some years now, new nurses are not being paid for as long as six months. Most of these new nurses are young and freshers in the race of life.

It is unfortunate for someone to dedicate his or her life to serve the country and its citizens, through work yet, they do not get paid for about six months. It is the duty of the government to serve all citizens equally. The government must extend its hand to lift our young and energetic nurses as soon as possible.

It is the duty of the nurse to serve but, it is not their duty to cry over salaries. It is the reward to their efforts of making lives better. Government has the responsibility to reward their hard work hence, it must do so accordingly. The new nurse needs to survive in order to help others survive.

Source: Botchway Mariama, a student of Ghana Institute of Journalism