The "devils" and "fools" have been ruling this country for a long time? – (Part Two)

Maham and Akufo-Addo Maham and Akufo-Addo

By Dela Benson Bani

What's the difference between NDC and NPP?

What is this smelling like organized crime-When NDC is in power, they like and defend the EC but NPP hates the EC, When the power table turns, the reverse happens- Why should i vote?

We had a fair idea of the definition a "Ghanaian" until a few months ago when a bomb shell was thrown at us!!! Till today we have no proper definition and we are all looking on. For many years the birth and death departments are housed in some archaic structures. We can't even create a simple database of "Ghanaians". Last year The "devils" and "fools" introduced the National Identification Authority to do WHAT? A joke! Are they capturing the data of babies born? The question is, at what age are you identified as a "Ghanaian"? based on What? Why should i vote?

For many years, fisher folks have lacked Premixed fuel for fishing on the sea. Common premix fuel! we hear premix fuel is distributed/sold on party lines. If NDC is in power, they give it to their members in the fishing communities and vice versa! Why should i vote? and vote for who?

Today the Chinese have taken over the shores of Ghana and depleting the fish stock in our waters (check saiko fishing) and NO government or the Fishery commission is doing anything about it. In other jurisdictions fingerlings (baby fishes) are hatched and introduced into the sea, in my country we CLOSE the sea (close season) and wait arms folded so the fishes can reproduce then the Chinese clean the sea. why should i vote?

Why should the government of the day appoint head of the security services? Is it a way to protect and control their interest? All these security services KNOW who is next to be the head (IGP, CDS, etc) yet NO, the "devils" and "fools" choose their favorites and mess the system up! why should i vote when thugs have filled the security services?

In a country where people with skills abound yet the "devils" and "fools" create the avenue to import the same set of skills- today Neoplan Ghana is on suspension and turned into a museum, Kumasi Magazine is only given lip services. Kantanka is being given steep competition by imported VW and many others who are coming. Why should i vote?

The animal called corruption is here! in the ministries and departments! it's a pity.. No government is ready to clean up the system so why should i vote? We have now seen that the NDC and NPP are "Mother serpents of corruption" (Ref: Mr. Martin Amidu) Why should i vote and for who?

Till date, we all know the "devils" and "fools" are exporting almost all the oil just to re-import most of it.

Till date, we all know the "devils" and "fools" are exporting almost all the cocoa beans just to re-import cocoa butter

Till date the "devils" and "fools" have allowed the importation of eggs (they say our chickens have forgotten how to lay eggs). They have allowed the importation of chicken, tilapia, tomatoes, onions, sugar, beef, tooth picks, and the list goes on! How will your economy be strong when you are practicing "Voodoo economics" (Ref: Prof PLO Lumumba)?

As you cast your vote tomorrow to elect the "DEVILS" and "FOOLS" again as a staunch supporter of NPP or NDC, reflect on the bigger picture.

Part three would be on another topic as you may have already elected the "DEVILS" and "FOOLS" to rule for the next Four years.. God bless you!

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Source: Dela Banson Bani/