To Stop Flooding; We Need To Curb Indiscriminate Waste Disposal

To Stop Flooding; We Need To Curb Indiscriminate Waste Disposal To Stop Flooding; We Need To Curb Indiscriminate Waste Disposal

Indiscriminate waste disposal has become a commonplace in our communities. Accompanying chocked gutters is the perennial flooding that has now become an annual ritual, which leaves in its wake destruction and loss of human lives.

Not only, have the people abandoned the old way of living, but the government has also not lived up to its responsibility over the years.

Plastic bottles, nylon bags and paper bags are strewn everywhere one turns to, and they are accumulated to become heaps of refuse dotting the landscape even in residential areas with all the attendant dangers to public health.

The reason for this is not far-fetched, everyone thinks it is the responsibility of the other to keep the environment clean.

The former Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, when he was the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, launched the National Sanitation Day. It was to be observed on the first Saturday of every month. The exercise since he left the ministry, has not received the much needed attention.

Although, under this administration, the ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, has been established, the situation, has not improved.

As a newspaper, we believe there is an urgent need for the country to begin to take the issue of indiscriminate disposal of waste as an emergency situation that needs to be curbed.

There are several methods of getting rid of waste. It is advisable that people adhere to the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse or Recycle.

Maybe it is time to revive the National Sanitation Day, set aside for cleaning both public and private places that add value to living.

By our own actions, we have made the work of waste management giant, Zoomlion, very difficult. The rains have set in, and already we are experiencing the flooding that has become the bane of the nation.

Ghanaians, should be educated on waste management and the government should put in place efficient waste disposal practices that everyone must adhere to. Strict penalties should also be meted out to offenders caught violating waste management regulations.