What about Mahama’s unprecedented infrastructure Claim Doesn’t Nana Addo Understand?

Mahama’s unprecedented infrastructure Mahama’s unprecedented infrastructure
Sometimes, I sit and wonder, whether it is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who does not understand English language or his speech writers are the ones misleading him. A good leader makes an input in whatever speech his writers prepare for him, to a large extent the speech writers are only to bring to live the thoughts of the leader, but since taking the oath of office on January 7, 2017, president Akufo-Addo, has made one monumental howler after another. During his inaugural address, he plagiarized almost the entire speech, bringing a country, which is known for ingenuity to international ridicule. We all make mistakes but repeating the mistake over and over again with glee, can only mean one thing; you are empty.

John Dramani Mahama, who was the bulldozer, had already cleared the way for him. All the major infrastructure development, have already been taken care, all he had to do was to come and enjoy his presidency.

He started well on that note, when despite claims of inheriting a broke economy, he appointed 126 ministers. If there was no money to pay these people, he wouldn't have started with the huge number of appointees; he has outperformed his predecessors in the abuse of the presidential power to hire.

 As ungrateful and unrealistic as he is, he quickly decided to make John Dramani Mahama, the benchmark of his failure.

Anytime, he is confronted with a problem, all he had to do was look back and say John Mahama. The scales are beginning to fall off the eyes of Ghanaians and they are asking, what is he also doing.

In all the president's travel across the nation, first as the flagbearer and now as the head of state, he has remained blind to all the good things scatter all over the now 16 regions of the country that were either done or initiated by the previous administration.

Akufo-Addo's deficiency in English language manifested harshly last year.

President John Dramani Mahama, In 2019, Speaking at a meeting with the leaders of the Ghana National Council for Private Schools (GNACOPS) in Accra in October this year, Mr Mahama, who is also the flag bearer of the NDC noted that "within the first 90 days after I take office as the President of Ghana, I will call for the arrangement of a very broad stakeholder and consultative meeting on the way forward for a better free SHS."

"The NDC shall ensure that all issues raised, which are feasible and doable, will be factored into the NDC manifesto," Mr Mahama noted.

When Mr Mahama, said his administration will review within 90 days the free SHS, president Akufo-Addo, who is afraid his flagship programme is going to be put under the microscope and expose the fraud it is made of, understood review to mean, cancel.

Listen to the president in his response to Mr Mahama "All they keep saying is that they will review the policy if they come to power. Is 'review' a policy? For someone who said it was a bad policy, their claim to review it only means cancellation. We will not allow them to come and cancel the Free SHS policy".

Which dictionary is the president using, which gave him the meaning of to review as to cancel?

The benevolent style of leadership of John Mahama gave the people hope that the messiah is around to make a difference because even a soothsayer, cannot defend his clients in the opposition that the country, has witness a tremendous development in the four years tenure Mr Mahama, both in the social sector and infrastructural circle, except Akufo-Addo, who it is safe to call 'sleepy Akufo-Addo'.

Akufo-Addo's disdain for his predecessor is built on a diseased mindset. Akufo-Addo, could be said to be acting true to type of politicians in our time by using the least opportunity he gets to label his predecessor as a failure.

I always listen to the president in quiet amusement in his attempt to beguile the Ghanaian people into thinking that the claims of unprecedented infrastructure development by the Mahama administration were a fluke.

 Let's us examine the president again on this words.

Speaking when he commissioned the first phase of the Tema Motorway Interchange Project, the President said, "We made a pledge to the Ghanaian people to expand and improve the road network while closing the missing links in the network.

"We had to make this pledge because we know that the so-called unprecedented infrastructure development of the Mahama administration was fantasy; existing in the Green Book and not on the ground," he added.

You don't need a language tutor to tell you that, president Akufo-Addo, does not understand the meaning of unprecedented.

Perhaps, I need to refresh his mind a little.

The following projects qualify in our context to be classified as unprecedented.

1. Kotoka International Airport (KIA) Terminal Three (3)

The KIA terminal three, is one of its kind in Africa. It has become the most priced and talked about jewel of this nation. Any visitor to this country marvels at the beauty of the place. If termina 3, is not unprecedented, I don't know what is.

2. Circle 'Dubai' Interchange

This is thus far the longest interchange in the country. Not only is it long and firm, it is a sight to behold. Circle which does not have a good history, is now a place for tourists. After the terminal 3, the next place to take any visitor to this country is circle 'Dubai'.

President Akufo-Addo, if this is not unprecedented, please tell Ghanaians what is?

3. University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC)

UGMC, is one of the most cherished medical facility any country can boast of. It is one of its kind in Africa. Even though only the first phase has been completed, the centre is one of the best facilities we can be proud of.

Today, it has become a five star hotel for government officials to go and rest, that alone speaks volume of the magnificent edifice, which is fully equipped with modern facilities.

If President Mahama, talks of unprecedented infrastructure, he has every right to say so.

4. Ridge Hospital

Ghanaians, who visit the Ridge hospital, say once they enter, they forget they are in Ghana. Everything in the hospital, can be comparable to any first class hospital in any of the advanced countries.

In fact, as a people we have a lot to be proud, except those who have eyes and yet are failing to see.

Ridge hospital expansion, Mr President, is unprecedented.

5. 200 Community Day Senior High Schools

Education is the backbone of every country, this is why president Mahama, set out to build 200 SHS across the then ten regions of the country.

The model schools, have all the facilities required of a modern educational institution anywhere in the world. Although, he could not construct all, the ones he completed are today serving students of free Senior High Schools (SHS).

6. Ending Dumsor.

Today, the country can boast of stable power because president Mahama, took a bold decision, which one can say, affected his electoral fortune in 2016, not to stop the bleeding but to cure the sore.

He could have done as his predecessor had done when confronted with load shedding, they took cosmetic solutions that did not end it, but made sure the cycle continued.

In 18 months president Mahama, added more than 800 megawatts (MW) of power. That increased generation, in addition to the Energy Sector Levy and ongoing works to restructure the legacy debt of the power utilities, had helped to stabilise the power situation.

I cannot list the unprecedented infrastructure of president Mahama, except to say, he was first among his equals.

Almost four years in office, president Akufo-Addo, has nothing to show. Even a cathedral that he promised God, is yet to see the light of day.

The man has lied to his fellow countrymen, to the extent that he finds it easy to lie to his maker.

Lying comes naturally to him. He can go to heaven and come back, we can give him the next 20 years to govern, he can never match president Mahama in terms of infrastructure.

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Source: theheraldghana