Where Does Aboboya Dump Its Waste?

Waste Dump Waste Dump

By Mary Adwoa Bushel

On the 27th of November, 2020, the Aboboya (Pragya) collected the waste of Mr Antwi, a resident of Community 21 Promiseland for a handsome fee of Gh¢20.00, because Zoomlion had failed to collect the waste and its environs for over a month.

For the past two months, namely, October and November, Zoomlion Ghana Limited under the auspices of the Jospong Group of Companies formed in 2006, has gradually transformed into a monthly waste collection organization, which has left most residents in Community 21 and its environs to resort to the disposal of waste through the Aboboya.

The Aboboya, is a three-wheeled motorcycle that was introduced into Ghana over a decade ago. This tricycle carries groceries, water, buckets, foodstuffs and most importantly household or domestic waste.

Whereas two years ago, the Aboboya was well known as a reliable mode of transport for petty traders and small business owners, it is now widely being used as a waste disposal vehicle.

The tricycles, aside them dumping off waste indiscriminately, they also litter the roads, as they move to the dump site – at a location unknown – in order to make more sales.

Since most of them are unregistered, they turn to escape unscathed and unpunished in various hit and run cases.

Furthermore, their stench pollutes the air which causes diseases such as, acute respiratory disorders, cholera, typhoid fever, salmonella, among others.

"The Zoomlion Waste Truck came on the 24th of September, then the 25tth of October and has still not yet shown up for November." Mr Antwi stated emphatically.

Such inconsistencies have led families with large household, as well as compound houses who have been unable to cope to resort to the Aboboya.

"The issue with the Aboboya is that we do not know where exactly they are dumping the waste and they charge exorbitantly as well." Ms. Baah commented.

Consequently, the dreadful sight the waste bins put at vantage locations portray seems to be gradually deteriorating the beauty and elegance of the cities in Accra.

These once appealing waste bins with enticing bright colours that allowed the citizenry to dump their waste safely usually has a spill over for weeks.

The waste bins at vantage points in areas such as the George W. Bush Highway, which links Dzorwulu to the Achimota overhead all the way through Lapaz and Kasoa, and the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange all seems to topple over at times with no one batting an eye to the horrid stench.

"The waste bins put at vantage points are not properly maintained by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources. Their collectors do not empty the bins regularly," a street hawker added dejectedly.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited must reconsider the time the waste bins are emptied. They must not rest on their oars at a season like this when cleanliness must be our topmost priority.Fortunately, a Cholera outbreak has been prevented but the COVID 19 Pandemic still lurks in the shadowsand we must observe theCOVID 19 protocols and therefore ensure that our surroundings are safe and tidy so as not to carry any infected droplets that will aid the spread of the virus.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com/Mary Adwoa Bushel