Where Is Yaw Buaben Asamoah? Used, Dumped And Forgotten?

Yaw Buaben Asamoah,, MP for a cosmopolitan area like Adenta Yaw Buaben Asamoah,, MP for a cosmopolitan area like Adenta

Politics it is said is a complex business. After the 2016 elections and having been elected as the Member of Parliament for a cosmopolitan area like Adenta, Yaw Buaben Asamoah, instead of jostling for an appointment that, will bring joy and earn him the admiration of his constituents, decided to go for the position of Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Yaw Buaben Asamoah, was used to settle political scores only to become the score himself. He was a pawn in the game of power. He surrendered himself to be used and ended up getting played.

Not only did he lose his Seat in Parliament, president Akufo-Addo, has also decided that, he does not deserve a position in his government. So far, he has not been given any ministerial appointment, neither any deputy ministerial appointment, at least going by the list that made rounds last week.

Anytime Yaw Buaben is on a programme, or he is addressing the media, in those his useless media encounters, in the lead up to the 2020 elections, he is always bubbling with passion for his job.

You cannot fault him on dedication to duty, but you can spread him out on the slab of exuberance, naivety, and sycophancy for some lashing.

Where is he now, and why is he no longer organizing press conferences, when he should be in Parliament representing his people.

orgot the cosmopolitan nature of his constituency, he reduced himself and his constituents to laughing stock. He was at best a comic relief and that was enough to anger his people to give him the boot.

Yaw Buaben rolled with the Hyenas, and as we all know Hyenas do not have character, their loyalty is to themselves.

He was used to insult and berate the opposition, especially former president John Dramani Mahama.

He actually went after everyone he was unleashed on, except members of his party, who do not even find favour with the presidency.

Yaw Buaben played the game but he did not know when to own himself. He lost himself to the allure of power. He is a victim of his own foibles but a casualty of predatory power-play.

This article is not to mock Yaw Buaben. I would not do that. You do not kick a man when he is down.

But I have come to warn all those in public office playing with the hyenas to beware. The hyenas do not play by the rules. Today you are the toast of the pack, but tomorrow you are the toast bread everyone is nibbling.

Yaw Buaben Asamoah, has made himself an errand boy, he always wants to be heard, even if he is not making sense.

I was of the opinion that, as a lawyer, he will be measured in the things he says, and how he proceeds to impugn the integrity of others.

But no, when he is unleash on the opponents of his paymasters, he does not stop to ask himself, whether what he is going to say is accurate or it will go to advance his own course. He hears, walks, sleep, talk what his masters wants him to do.

Nana Akomea, who was the former director of communications, is a living example. He was also used and was at the verge of being dumped when he looked smart. He decided to ingratiate himself into the only remaining institution, after the spoils of war was shared.

Nana Akomea took advantage of the vacuum created at the State Transport Company (STC) and appointed himself, awaiting the blessing of the powers that be.

As fate would have it, they could not take that widows mite from and saw allowed him to be. He was subsequently remembered when they going got tough again in the run up to the 2020 elections.

It was obvious to them that, Yaw Buaben has failed, because the communication front of the party was weak.

You will be quickly cast aside, when they are done with it. Yaw Buaben is now needs to quickly reinvent himself and salvage the little credibility that is left of him.

Being a poster boy is not an easy job, especially when you find yourself among hyenas, because they are blundering yet pernicious, and jocular yet devious.

Yaw Buaben played the game very well, but ended up the game. I doubt if they is any position left for him to grab, as everything has been shared.

This is a predatory power play and in order to let yourself in, you must understand why the game is played. He had something going for him, which like any other position in this position in this country was very strategic and that is being a Member of Parliament, but he gambled that away and now he is left with nothing but the scars of being the worst MP for the people of Adenta and worst Director of Communications, aside Adomako Baafi, whose stock in trade is insult.

There seem to be a nexus between Kumawood and members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP, and Yaw Buaben Asamoah, has confirmed it with his theatrics and laughter, which draws laughter too.

Anytime, he address a press conference or appears on a programme, he almost always become the butt of joke on social media, it is the reason why his constituents voted him out, because the joke did not end with him alone, but everyone in the constituency.

Yaw Buaben Asamoah, is a loose cannon, and like a rolling stone he gathers no moss.

Like Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "In politics, an absurdity is not a handicap".

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Source: Abdul Razak Bawa