Working With Rawlings; Martin Amidu Should Just Write A Book

The former minister of state and now Special Prosecutor The former minister of state and now Special Prosecutor

Unrepentant and unforgiving Martin Amidu, who acts holier than thou, has for the fifth time written a critique on the Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi's book, 'Working With Rawlings'.

The former minister of state and now Special Prosecutor, served notice, when the book was published of his intention digest and critique not only the contents of the book, but the author, as well as the person who wrote the Foreword.

So far he has succeeded in doing that, which is normal in the literary world, but after the first and second critique, the third, fourth and now fifth, only exposes, as someone who is on a different mission, other than an academic exercise.

The avalanche of articles, which no longer serve any useful exercise, are becoming a welcome distraction from Martin Amidu's failure, as the Special Prosecutor, more than two years after his appointment. The transfer of aggression released him from his core responsibility.

In the run-up to the 2016 elections, when he was just an ordinary citizen with no direct responsibility to the state, Ghanaians of goodwill welcomed the crusade he waged, fighting against a canker that, has over the years robbed us of our collective till.

Corruption in any form or shape and under any government, must be roundly condemned and fought. Martin Amidu, who earned a nickname Citizen Vigilante, became a household name, because he took on the fight, as though monies being pilfer were his personal money.

Prof. Ahwoi's book, Working With Rawlings, has generated so much controversy, while some people see as a useful exercise, which leads the reader into the inner closet of what transpired in the Rawlings era, others see it as unnecessary, as it brings to light some secrets that are best told, when buried. No matter where you stand, your argument will be vindicated, because a book that does not raise eyebrows and controversy is not a book worth reading.

I have had my own personal reservations, not that it matters in the scheme of things, but I thought, upon the release of the book, it almost split opened the National Democratic Congress, few months to a crucial election.

Timing is very important in everything we do, I was of the considered opinion that, the timing of the book, was not the best, but then again, someone could also argue that, if the book was released any other time, apart from now, it won't receive the review and the controversy it generated.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in opposition, had pampered and protected Martin Amidu, like an abandon child, because what he was doing then, inured to their benefit.

They lavished unconditional love on him. They nursed him, affirmed him and validated his quirks. They tacitly told him that they regarded his flaws as congenital. He didn't have to learn decorum or unlearn indecency. He could break all the rules and suffer no rod on his back.

Mr Amidu, as a Special Prosecutor, is not a square peg in a round hole, fighting corruption has been his mainstay over the years or so we think, because he now has a better opportunity to fight corruption, yet what we see is a man, who more on vengeance than doing his job.

Martin Amidu's disdain for the NDC did not start today, The real countdown to the end of his relevant in politics, was when he lost the bid to become the vice-president, when in the 2000 election, Prof. Evans Atta Mills, picked him as his running mate.

Perhaps, he thought being a running mate was a position for life, so his bitterness towards the party was in 2004, when he was dropped as running mate for Mohammed Mumuni.

Since then Martin Amidu, has self-destructed in slow motion. He damaged himself over the number of years he took to metamorphose into a byword for presidential corruption. He tarnished himself, then disqualified himself from leadership and finally, established himself as the avatar of avarice.

His dismissal by Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, was his kryptonite, it weakened him and has made him a cry baby, always seeking for attention.

His anger has consumed him and is making him behave in ways that is unbecoming of someone, who once benefited from the hand of the NDC.

Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman, did not steal the vice-presidency from Martin Amidu, in fact at the time he was chosen, she was not even a member of the party, so these baseless attacks on her person and academic achievements is unwarranted and completely out of place.

The goodwill that Martin Amidu, came in with as the Special Prosecutor, is growing thin, even members of the New Patriotic Party, who hailed his appointment have lost patient. To those who knew him, his failure as the SP, was fate foretold.

Beyond criticizing someone's literary work, Martin Amidu, should as a matter of urgency, ask himself one simple question - what can I do as the first Special Prosecutor that will last long after I am gone?

His legacy should not be about criticizing the handiwork of a former colleague, who will not have every account of the events that happened 30 or more years ago correct.

The best way to accurately tell the events of the past is for one to also write a book, that way you also open yourself for criticizing and correction, if Martin Amidu, thinks he has absolute and sole recollection of what happened under PNDC and NDC, he should also write a book.

Martin Amidu's stay as Special prosecutor, has been infinitely longer than his usefulness. The time for him to pack and baggage out of that enviable office is now.

Source: By Abdul Razak Bawa/