Amewu’s macho men beat up Ho Court bailiff, steals his money and mobile phone

John-Peter Amewu and  Emmanuel Aziakah John-Peter Amewu and Emmanuel Aziakah

Everything was done by both the Akufo-Addo government and the Electoral Commission (EC) for John Peter Amewu, the Minister of Energy to win the Hohoe Constituency in the Volta Region and it is clear he will not allow anything to delink him from the seat.

His thugs, last Saturday, 26th December 2020 in the afternoon, demonstrated this, when they attacked and beat up a bailiff, Emmanuel Aziakah who had gone to the constituency to serve him some summons from the Ho High Court.

One other bailiff named Evans Adogli, for fear of his life took to his heels upon sensing danger from the minister's thugs made of macho men, went missing for hours and surfaced later.

The assault follows the Court injunction secured by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the EC's attempt to gazette John Peter Amewu following the commission's decision to exclude Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe in the Hohoe constituency from voting in the just ended parliamentary election.

The assault victim, Mr. Aziakah told The Herald that they had been looking for Amewu for some number of days now to serve him with the court documents but he has been evading service.

Some bailiffs had been to Accra from Ho, but could not find him in Accra, and so had to pursue him into the Hohoe constituency.

The court official, who now lives with a swollen face, a bloodied mouth among other injuries narrated how Amewu's thugs at Wli, pulled a knife on him and several times slapped him in the face before abducting him in their Toyota Land Cruiser in a convoy of six cars.

One of the two Toyota Land Cruisers was occupied by the Energy Minister.

According to Emmanuel Aziakah, the minister's thugs had hit him a few times at Wli before pushing him into the car. While in the car, the thugs, one of whom he knew as an ex-worker of the waste management company; Zoomlion and lives in Hohoe Zongo, drove him around for a while before dumping him between two towns; Agbefia and Torganu.

The thugs took away his mobile phone and his GHC50.

Also taken away from him was a polythene bag, containing the court documents he was to serve on Peter Amewu.

The thugs, the bailiff revealed, had accused him of wanting to destroy the MP-elect and kept assaulting him despite his many pleas and countless attempts to get them to understand that he hailed from the constituency in a town called Fodome, but only out doing his job.

He narrated being given the summons from the Ho Court sometime last week to serve in the EC office in Hohoe but he could not serve it because he had arrived late in Hohoe, so wanted to wait until Tuesday 28th December 2020 to serve.

But while waiting, Emmanuel Aziakah, got a phone call that Peter Amewu was in the constituency and that he should quickly go and look for him and serve him. This he explained was because a bailiff sent to serve him in Accra, could not locate him.

Mr. Aziakah, said he had to chase the minister to Wli, and found his convoy waiting for him to arrive and serve him, however, just when he arrived, one of the men in his entourage pounced on with a knife accusing him of trying to destroy the minister and before he could author a word, he had twice been hit by the thug on the jaw.

The assailants then called the Toyota Land Cruiser which came around and he was shoved into it and driven out of Wli.

Alarmed, he told them he was from Fodome and mentioned names such one David, Togbe Gborku and also his former teacher, the late chief of Wli, Togbe Anyomi among others to demonstrate to them that he indeed, was from the area.

The bailiff disclosed that at a point during the drive to nowhere, he confronted the heavily built former Zoomlion worker asking him if he did not know him. Not long after they dropped him off after taking away his mobile phone, his money and the polythene bag with other court papers which had nothing to do with the Peter Amewu case.

He had to walk from the place he was dumped sometimes dodging in the bush on hearing cars approaching him because he was scared the minister's thugs could get back to kill him, so he kept running for his life with blood oozing from his mouth as a result of the assault.

He walked to the home of one Lawyer Atsu Agbekpe at Agbefia to narrate the incident and get his help to Hohoe, but the lawyer was not home and so he had to set off again walking until he begged a driver in a Hohoe-bound car for a lift to a location called Atabu Junction.

From Atabu Junction, he got on a tricycle to another location called "Electricity" where a friend of his by name George, who was in the neighborhood saw him and picked him on his motorbike to the Hohoe Police, where he lodged a complaint of assault and got a medical form to the Hohoe Municipal Hospital for treatment.

According to Mr. Aziakah, from what happened, it was obvious Peter Amewu and his team were aware of the court summon, and were deliberately dodging service, hence the assault on him.

A video of the bailiff showing the injuries he suffered from the assault, has since gone viral on social media with many asking the Minister and his thugs to be punished as an attack on the bailiff is an attack on the court.

Others who claimed to know Peter Amewu, quite well, were not surprised at the assault on the bailiff, saying he has always had a thuggish lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Amewu has confirmed his presence in the constituency on the day the incident happened.

In a Facebook post, he disclosed that he had been in the constituency thanking the various towns for voting for him in the 2020 general election.

On Sunday, December 27th, 2020 he wrote "Yesterday, As part of my Thank You Tour and Victory Party. In the company of the Volta Regional Secretary for Npp; Joseph Homenya, Hohoe constituency Npp Chairman; Anthony Kondobrey, constituency executives and other dignitaries, I visited Alavanyo and Wli communities to thank them for massively voting for me and Our President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the just ended 2020 elections.

I am very grateful and proud of my people; this is indeed a historic victory. To all my constituents both young and old; i wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy year".

Meanwhile, an aide to Mr Amewu, Joshua Homenya is said to have told CITI FM, that Mr Amewu's camp knows nothing about the incident.

But Mr Aziaka told Citi News he believes that Mr. Amewu was aware of what happened to him.

"Mr Amewu rolled down the glass of His car when I was being attacked and rolled it back up," he said.

He said he has reported the matter to the Police who have assured him that the matter will be investigated.

More to come!

Source: The Herald