Another Bullion Van Attack Recorded

Bullion Van Bullion Van

The police in the Central region, saved the day as armed robbers attacked a bullion van with registration number GN 6956-17 on Accra-Winneba road yesterday.

The van which was attacked at Okyereko on the Winneba-Accra road was targeted by some armed men whose identities are unknown. The robbers fired shots at the front passenger seat where the police escort sat.

These shots ended up shattering the window area. According to reports, the police escort ordered the driver to speed off upon observing the unusual movement of the robbers, while he called for reinforcement.

The Winneba Patrol team dispatched to Mpata Junction, rushed to the scene and started a gun battle with the robbers, overpowering them in the process. All passengers in the bullion van escaped unharmed and no property was stolen.

The van has been sent to Winneba Police Custody for investigation. This development comes after armed robbers shot to death, a police officer and an eyewitness, during a robbery incident involving a bullion van at Adedenkpo, a suburb of James Town in Accra, Monday, June 14.

This happened just three days after a similar incident was recorded at Jamestown in Accra.

The van driver managed to elude the suspected armed robbers who had tried to ambush the vehicle.

The robbers reportedly placed leaves on the highway to trick the driver into thinking an accident had occurred on the stretch, compelling him to slow down as he approached the scene.

In the process, the robbers opened fire at the vehicle. However, they were unable to stop the van.

The robbers fled after the failed attempt and run into a nearby bush.

Although the windscreen of the bullion van was damaged, no casualty was recorded.

Following the Accra incident which left one police officer and a trader dead, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh, directed the Bank of Ghana and the Association of Bankers to by the end of June 2021, provide standard bulletproof vans for the carting of money.

He served notice that the Police Service will withdraw escort services to sub-standard bullion vans if the banks do not do the right thing by the end of June.

The Association of Bankers has expressed its commitment and resolve to work with the national security apparatus and take every measure to ensure the highest level of compliance with industry standards.

It has however not stated clearly whether the June deadline given by the Police would be met.

In the wake of these incessant robberies, the police administration is optimistic that attacks vans carting money will not recur, given stringent measures it is instituting to avert such incidents.

The Ghana Police Service stated that its agreement with banks and other financial service providers remains in force and that, when implemented, it will help prevent such attacks on bullion vans.

"We are hoping that this will not happen again because of the strategies we have put in place. We are alert, this is not only the police service, but it's the entire security architecture."

"The resolve of the IGP and the police service is that we nip crime in the bud in this country. It is an activity that is ongoing and requires synergy between and among police officers", the Police's Director of Public Affairs, Sheila Abayie Buckman told the media.

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