Bank of Ghana warns commercial banks and others of cyber attacks


The Herald, has intercepted a fraud alert from the Bank of Ghana (BOG) to all commercial banks and financial institutions in the country, warming them to be on the lookout for cyber-attacks.

The Central Bank, in an email sent out late Friday afternoon, asked "all banks to strengthen controls around their cyber assets and to continue monitoring of activities on their IT Security Infrastructure".

The message was sent from Sarah Ofori of BoG and captioned "Alert on cyber threats in the financial sector".

Ghanaian banks in recent times, have been hit by fraudsters entering into their systems from unknown locations and making away with huge sums of money.

In July, The Herald reported on how the National Investment Bank (NIB) and other banks with poor control systems, fell victim to the fraudsters.

It is unclear, if some of the banks, have once again fallen victim in the latest attack.

What is interesting is that some leading telecommunication companies, including MTN and Vodafone, were mentioned to have had issues with people getting into the mobile money wallets of customers with strange pins and asking them to allow cash out.

It is unclear, if some customers fell victim to the scam, but reports are that as at late Friday, offices of the two telecom service providers, had been inundated with panic calls from customers reporting about attempts to siphon their money.

Source: The Herald