Bawku: How Hawa Komson’s bodyguard kills ‘uniform officer’.…..stops wedding.

Mohammed and Simon Mohammed and Simon

Scorching information gathered by The Herald, revealed that the deceased tricycle operator who was killed on the afternoon hours of July 29, 2021 at Sabongari, a suburb of Bawku in the Upper East Region, was billed to marry.

The Islamic wedding of the departed – Mohammed Mahmood, was just some few week away.

A bullet from happy-itching fingers of one Simon Sandow Zanya, did not only gush out tears from family relations and love ones of the deceased, but also strangulated a scheduled Islamic wedding of the deceased.

Grieving relations of Mohammed Mahmood, disclosed to this paper that all was set for the Islamic wedding of the victim.

This paper is informed that the mid-twenties tricycle operator was plying his routine job when the hungry-searching bullet crashed him to death at a popular food joint at Sabongari called Rabi waakye joint.

He was said to be waiting for his turn in a queue to fill his hungry stomach, when the hungrier-bullet arrived and penetrated through his head. Pictures available to this paper has the brain of the deceased babbled out at the scene.

Simon Zanya, who is said to be providing private security (bodyguard) to the minister of Fisheries and Aqua Culture, Hawa Komsom, was heard boasting of his bravery at the scene of the shooting.

He is mentioned as one of the personal security details of the Hawa Komson and was actively involved in the election-nearing gun shots brouhaha that greeted the now fisheries minister's constituency.

Simon is said to be at loggerheads with someone (name unknown to this paper) in the Sabongari vicinity over a tiny parcel of land.

On the said day, a misunderstanding ensued between Simon and the unknown claimant. In an unprovoked manner, Simon, is said to have rushed home only to return with the high volatile riffle.

Checks by this outlet revealed that Simon is a known hooligan in the municipality. His activities of hooliganism is known to local police. Several persons are said to have reported him to the police, commonly on crime of threats.

An uncle of the deceased, IssakuA bdulai, told this paper that all was set for the Islamic wedding of his son. "All was set for the wedding. Unfortunately, death took him away". His pain is that Mohammed Mahmood, had no connection whatsoever to the very tiny parcel of land for which he met his gruesome death. "Mahmood has nothing to do with the said land that the claimants have been fighting over. He was about to buy food when he was hit by the bullet".

He furthered that Mohammed's wish was to join the country's security sector. "All he wished for was to join the forces. He has passionately disclosed that to me on a number of times".

Security officials had to wire a bench warrant on Simon Zanya, after he played a slippery tactics with local police.

Hours after the warrant of arrest was issued on him, he fired back at the police through a Facebook account (Bawku links). An account noted for inciting violence as well as tribal attacks. Handlers of the account are said to be faceless. They have recently used the account to dare local police in the region.

Prominent opinion leaders have expressed displeasure over the activities of the group.

Simon's first appearance at the Bawku circuit court saw a galaxy of armed soldiers storming the premises. He was remanded into police custody to reappear on September 10, 2021.

More to come!

Source: Haruna Abugri