Bawku: National security disowns killer as his Kasoa gunshots video drops.

Simon Zanya. Simon Zanya.

It has emerged that the middle-aged man who shot and killed the tricycle operator at Sabongari, a suburb of Bawku on the afternoon hours of July 29, 2021, is not a recruit with the nation's national security as widely claimed.

A top official with the national security outfit, has disclosed to this paper that Simon Sandow Zanya is not known to the security outfit.

Shortly after the shooting incident, unconfirmed information emerged, linking him to the nation's national security bureau, but this has been dismissed by top officials of the division.

The deceased – Mohammed Mahmood, died after he was hit by a stray bullet allegedly shot by Simon Zanya.

This paper is informed that the mid-twenties tricycle operator was plying his routine job when the hungry-searching bullet crashed him to death at a popular food joint at Sabongari called Rabi waakye joint.

He was said to be waiting for his turn in a queue to fill his hungry stomach when the hungrier-bullet arrived and penetrated through his head. Pictures available to this paper saw the brain of the deceased babbled out at the scene.

Simon is said to be at loggerheads with someone (name unknown to this paper) in the Sabongari vicinity over a tiny parcel of land. On the said day, a misunderstanding ensued between Simon and the unknown claimant. In an unprovoked manner, Simon is said to have rushed home only to return with the high volatile riffle.

Checks by this outlet revealed that Simon is a known hooligan in the municipality. His activities of hooliganism is known to local police. Several persons are said to have reported him to the police, commonly on crime of threats.

Simon's first appearance at the Bawku circuit court saw a galaxy of armed soldiers storming the premises.

Simon's guns shots video:

This paper has in its possession a video recording where Simon displayed his skills and love for guns when he stormed a registration center at Kasoa in the Central Region and scatted an ongoing voter registration exercise in the leadup to the 2020 general elections.

In his usual smock, Simon stormed the said centre and shot sporadically into the air thus bringing the exercise to an un-ceremonial end. Some persons were reportedly injured.

He has since not been arrested nor charged over that violence.

His links to the Member of Parliament (MP) for that area, Hawa Komson is making rounds, but the embattled lawmaker has avoided questions relative to her association with the 35-year-old secondary school leaver. Text messages and calls sent to her went unanswered.

He was remanded into police custody to reappear on September 10, 2021.

More to come!