COVID-19-Those Saying We’ve Lost The Fight Are Just Making Sweeping Statement For Political Gains -Ashanti Regional Minister Fires

The Ashanti Regional Minister The Ashanti Regional Minister

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, has taking a swipe at claims that government has lost the fight against the novel Coronavirus, reason the infection rates keeping increasing, saying the claim is not only aimed at scoring political points, but described it as "sweeping statement".

According to the Minister, the Akufo-Addo government in his view, has performed "excellently well" even better than some developed countries like the United States and Brazil, which are supposed to have the best health care systems.

The Minister who said this at the launch of Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development sponsored markets disinfection in the region yesterday in Kumasi, said best countries are recording daily alarming rates of the virus and so comparably, Ghana is on course with a rather lower figures.

Mr Osei Mensah, challenged critics to back their claims with facts and figures, indicating where government failed, rather than just making unsubstantiated statements to score political points.

"Those who are saying we've lost the fight, they should come out with specifics. But you can't just make sweeping statements. I don't think I can accept that one". In the region and in the country, we are doing quite well.

Even bigger countries like the US what are they doing? What are we seeing in the US? Brazil, what are we seeing? You see, these countries in terms of technology, they are far advance, they are far richer, whatever you can talk about------but at least we have been able to contain it, the mortality rate is low, below 0.5 percent which is an achievement", Mr Osei Mensah boasted.

He continued "What is the relationship between those who have been tested and those who have contracted the disease?? That one is also low when you compare it internationally. Again, the rate of recovery, is very high so all those things demonstrate that the government is doing excellently well so anybody who feels the government has failed, should come out with what they think the government did wrong, and what the government should have done and didn't. But just making sweeping statement to achieve may be cheap political interest"……

On why the Ashanti Region is recording high cases of infection aside Greater Accra Region, the Minister traced the situation to the brisk business activities that the region is known for historically as it attracts people from both far and near and also, the populated nature of the region among others.

He said, although they are recording high numbers, what was important is to test more people to isolate infected persons than not test at all. He said instead of criticising which he said were becoming "too many" the media and all, must support measures being rolled out by authorities to sanitize the system.

Mr Osei Mensah decried how sometimes, such measures were sometimes shot down with criticisms saying "The one that was effective, and it was very effective, I remember when we went to the regional police headquarters to launch it the programme, one of your colleagues asked me, those of us saying when the security Service arrest someone who is not wearing facemask, they should be made to do social work, when they arrest someone and the person is not wearing facemask, they should be made to clean, they said it was illegal and people picked it up so whose fault is it? Is it my fault?

You see, sometimes, the criticisms are too much we must look at the effectiveness of the thing". While commending the President for the initiative, the Minister entreated the Assemblies to make the exercise a routine measure going forward.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Chief Executive Officer, Osei Assibey Antwi, who commended President Akufo-Addo for his commitment against the disease, added the exercise which is in its second phase, will go a long to contain it.

 Mr Osei Assibey Antwi, said they are going to do an effective exercise in the over 20 markets under his supervision for "value for money" reason.

He assured the Assembly was working to contain the virus by ensuring that, the various safety protocol measures, are adhered to, but warned certain unscrupulous individuals who have been stealing the Veronica Buckets placed at vantage points, to desist from that unpatriotic act, as they are going to ensure anyone caught would be dealt with according to the laws.

He urged the general public to endeavor to observe the safety protocols, especially the wearing of facemasks in their communities as they do in public, as it has become mandatory punishable by law.

The market disinfection exercise which was conducted in all 350 markets, including public toilets, lorry parks in 43 Assemblies, was done simultaneously.

Zoomlion, which contracted other like companies, has deployed various machines, including some 1200 spraying guns for the all important exercise in markets, such as the new Kejetia Market, Central Business District, Asafo, Bantama among others.


The company's regional manager, Philip Yeboah Ansah, said the frequent disinfection of these markets would help the fight against the disease, adding government has promised to contract it periodically.


 He maintained though Ghana's case count may be going up, the situation could have been worse, if the disinfection and fumigation exercises, were not instituted by the government at the various public places.


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