Dispute Over Who Heads Akwaanor Royal Family….Supreme Court Rules For Solomon Mintah Ackah

Nii Solomon Mintah Ackah-  Head of Akwasn't royal family of Ashalaja addressing the media Nii Solomon Mintah Ackah- Head of Akwasn't royal family of Ashalaja addressing the media

The Supreme Court, has put to rest the family dispute among the Akwaanor Royal Family of Ashalaja over who heads the family.

The Apex court on April 14, 2021, pronounced Solomon Mintah Ackah as the legitimate family head.

The decision was made after both the High Court and Court of Appeal, have equally ruled that Mr Mintah Ackah, as the rightful heir to the royal family throne .

This was in view of claims by another member of the family, Adams Addy that he is the family head.

The judgement of all three Courts, followed after Solomon Mintah Ackah was appointed in July 2009 .

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, Mr Solomon Mintah Ackah, stressed his appointment was met with opposition from one Adams Addy and his brother, Adu Akwaanor, but he instituted a legal suit to put the matter to rest.

His quest to put the matter to rest, he added resulted in the judgements in his favour at all three Courts of the Land.

He said the Court dismissed a counter claim by Adams Addy and his brother Adu Akwaanor, asking them not to hold themselves as family head.

The judgement also, included asking the defendants to relinquish all assets that were in his possession.

In view of the Supreme Court judgment, Mr Solomon Mintah Ackah, has cautioned members of the public not to do business with these members of the family for it is at their own risk.

He said, the family would not hesitate to deal with any person, who would put the law into his or her own hand and illegally take over their property.

"The family has not ordered anyone to sell their land on their behalf and therefore erected warning signal to the general public to exempt from any act that will make them descend on them", he said.

"I want to categorically state that the said Ishmael Armah Quansah, has not been appointed as the Head of the family and that his conduct of holding and carrying himself out as Head of the Akwaanor Royal Family is illegal, fraudulent and result in the breach of peace" he stated.

"I wish to also bring to the attention of the general public and all present her that I am the substantive Head of the Kwaanor Royal Family of Ashalaja, my headship of the family having been confirmed by the supreme Court on 14th April, 2021 therefore any person who deals with Ishmael Armah Quansah in his capacity as the Head of the family does so at his or her own risk" Nii Ackaah disclosed.

According to him, there was a declaration by the court that any acts done by the Defendants in the purported capacity as joint heads or head of the Akwaanor Royal Family of Ashalaja, is null and void.

Source: www.theheraldgh.com/Patrick Biddah