Greedy Ken Agyapong Using Bawumia’s  Name To Settle Personal Scores With Attafuah

Prof. Ken Attafuah, the Executive Secretary of NIA and Hon. Ken Agyapong Prof. Ken Attafuah, the Executive Secretary of NIA and Hon. Ken Agyapong

The all-knowing Ken Agyapong is at his vitriolic best, using the name of the Vice-President, to settle personal scores with Prof. Ken Attafuah, the Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), who is under severe attacks over government's inability to provide jobs for members of the ruling party at the authority.

Prof. Attafuah and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, have been friends for years and with the Vice-President serving as the best man at NIA's boss' wedding, Ken Agyapong, who felt upset for not getting the NIA card contract from the authority, is seen hiding behind his beef with Prof. Attafuah to hit the Vice-President.

The Herald's information is that, Mr Agyapong, on the assumption of the Akufo-Addo government in 2017, travelled to Indian to get a company there to be awarded the contract to compile data on Ghanaian citizens for the NIA card, but his Indian company, did not get the deal and he has since been bitter at Prof. Attafuah, sparing no effort to pour venom on him.

Instead of Mr Agyapong's Indian partners, the Akufo-Addo government opted for a Ghanaian company, Margins owned by Moses Baiden, and the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, has since been at the throat of Prof. Attafuah, finding his recent political gaffe to tongue-lash him once again, but roping in the Vice-President, who is desirous of leading the NPP in 2024.

Mr Agyapong, has since warned the Vice-President to stay away from Prof Attafuah, or he and others will scuttle the chances of Dr. Bawumia in 2024.

Prof Ken Attafuah, had in an interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM indicated that the President has told him not to employ party executives, because he does not want to leave a legacy of a public service which is not neutral.

But reacting to Prof. Attafuah's interview and claims which according to him were made by the President, Kennedy Agyapong indicated that there is raging anger in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because of what he said.

The MP, claimed that Prof Attafuah's utterances have given some steam to some group in the party and spells doom for Dr. Bawumia, because of his affiliation with the NIA boss.

Ken Agyapong took advantage of the matter and once again went to town, asking Dr. Bawumia to stay away from Prof Attafuah, so that the anger of the NPP members is not transferred to him.

"The anger in the party is serious, already people had their reservations, your statement is paving way for groups easily. You say I shouldn't mention Bawumia's name?

I have to let Bawumia know that Prof. Ken Attafuah is causing damage to him because we know that he's his best man so when we vote for him, your best man will be Chief of Staff then he will sack all NPP members. If Bawumia doesn't stay away from Ken Attafuah we will give them a sweet revenge. If Attafuah is still with Bawumia, we will give them sweet revenge," he said.

But many NPP elements continue to ask why Ken Agyapong, will have to draw Dr. Bawumia into the issue which has nothing to do with him.

Their concerns were that long before the Vice-president entered politics, ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, had appointed Prof. Attafuah to the Commission on Human Rights and Administration Justice (CHRAJ)

The same Prof. Attafuah was also later appointed again by President Kufuor to the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) and became the CEO of NIA, until the advent of the John Mills administration in 2009.

The NDC removed him and President Akufo-Addo, reappointed him in 2017.

Interestingly, before his appointment as the boss of the NIA, there was an attempt by the then Speaker of Parliament, Begyina Sekyi Hughes to make him the Clerk of Parliament.

Many feel Prof. Attafuah is an adult, and can be dealt with as an individual over his utterances. They insist that the Vice-President has nothing to do with the matter and must be left in peace.

Meanwhile, the Assin Central MP, has appealed to President Akufo-Addo to sack Prof. Attafuah for embarrassing him.

Mr Agyapong, claims that the issue has subjected the president to public ridicule among supporters of the NPP who brought the president to power.

"Prof Attafuah must go because he has embarrassed the president. "We will demonstrate against Professor Attafuah if he is not removed," he said on his television station on Wednesday, June 8. Mr Agyapong further asked the leadership of the NPP to act on this development. If they fail to act, he said, the executives will lose their positions in the next internal elections of the NPP.

"John Boadu speak, Nana B speak, Sammi Awuku speak. If you all fail to act we will ensure you lose your positions," he said.

Mr.Agyapong, has been pushing the government to change sack Margins, for the NIA deal to be handed over to him and his Indian company. He sees Attafuah's dismissal as the means to further his personal interest.