Hohoe NDC recounts Peter Amewu's crocked road to Parliament, cites violence and bribery

John Peter Amewu registering in Parliament as MP-elect John Peter Amewu registering in Parliament as MP-elect

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Hohoe Constituency of the Volta Region, has expressed serious concerns about how Energy Minister and Member of Parliament {MP)- elect for the area, John-Peter Amewu, has polarized and monitized the Constituency by buying the silence of people who should know better.

According to the opposition party, the situation is so pervasive that some opinion leaders, journalists etc, who hitherto spoke truth to power and say it as it is, have all gone into hibernation, turning blind eye to everything untoward happening in Hohoe and it environs.

This, they maintained has emboldened the Minister and his thugs, to have a field day, attacking and visiting mayhem on anyone that disagrees with them.

In a statement issued by the Hohoe Constituency Chairman, George Bright Anni Bansah yesterday Sunday January 03, 2021, said " Hohoe has become so polarized by the negative monetary influence of Mr Amewu, the Energy Minister that some opinion leaders, some journalists in Hohoe and Ghana and some people who I know to be very objective, have all gone undercover or will rather be on the side of untruth or do false reportage".

The party, said the Constituency has known no peace since Mr Amewu put himself up as the governing party's parliamentary candidate for the Hohoe Constituency for the last election which eventually saw him snatch the seat from the NDC for the first time.

Interestingly, the feat was not chalked without the votes of some four communities namely Santrofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe ((SALL) as it has further heightened the political tension in the Constituency over the period.

The unprecedented violence that were recorded in the electioneering period and even after, has given many, including the NDC, cause to worry.

"It all started when the Hon Minister of Energy John-Peter Amewu puts himself up to contest the parliamentary seat on the ticket of the NPP. This was supposed to be a political contest but rather brought in division and violence into Hohoe where violence became the order of the day by this thugs. They do everything with impunity, the response they give in the act of this, is the Energy Minister will take them out should they be arrested".

The party recalled, how during the limited registration exercise, two of Mr Amewus boys, fearlessly scattered the process at the EC municipal office in Hohoe. The party says it has video evidence of that incident and other violent incidents in their custody.

It continued that during the voter registration exercise last year, the Hohoe Constituency again recorded violence with these same thugs going on rampage, beating people at polling stations with video evidence of these acts already in the media space.

"Fast forward to the general elections which saw a lot of violence, attacks on people on the voting day, the use of some electoral officers in clear violation of the electoral processes of which we had to report to the municipal electoral officers, who accompanied us to some of the polling stations where parliamentary ballots issuers, asked the voters to vote for Mr Amewu.

The Municipal Officer, had to arrange for the polling agents to sit close to the ballots issuers but at that time, it was too late for any corrections. In many polling stations, NDC agents , were not allowed to sit in the inner perimeter but very far away from the main area".

The Heraldghana.com is informed some of these attacks were visited on NDC officers, including the Constituency Chairman at the Allisuray Mosque at Hohoe Zongo and their crime was that, they raised issues with conducts prohibited at the polling station.

It took the police patrol team to save the situation. "Even in the police car, Amewu's thugs continued their physical attacks on some of the NDC executives. It is instructive to note that this case is pending at the police station right now, investigations ongoing. It is a fact that Amewus thugs have broken every rule and security arrangements in the Constituency with impunity".

Touching on the exclusion of the people of SALL from participating in the parliamentary election, the party described it as the biggest human right violation ever in the history of Ghana by the EC.

The NDC, said it was convinced that act was hatched to ensure that Mr Amewu was "elected at all cost including vote-suppression, disenfranchisement and gerrymandering leading to almost 18, 000 voters denied their rights to be represented in Parliament".

According to the opposition party in the Hohoe Constituency, to curtail some of the things playing out presently, the NDC wrote to the EC, asking it to implement the Supreme Court's directive of amending the CI 95.

But the party laments the EC did not dignify their letter with an acknowledgement, neither did the electoral body respond, leading to a court action brought against the EC at the Supreme Court and an injunction on the MP-elect.

The statement also touched on the recent violence last week where members of the NDC clashed with what the party described as thugs of Mr Amewu, disguising themselves in the name Gbi Youths and Asafo group.

The statement also mentioned the brutalities visited on a court bailiff, who went looking for Mr Amewu to serve on him the writ against the Hohoe parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, Mr Amewu, despite the action brought against him by the people of SALL, was seen in pictures in Parliament to register as the elected MP.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com