Ken Ofori-Atta dazes MPs: Storms Chamber with wife and their European friends for pictures..

Ken Ofori-Atta with Wife and their European friends Ken Ofori-Atta with Wife and their European friends

The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, this afternoon raised eyebrows when he walked into the chamber of Parliament with two European-looking friends of his, together with his wife, Angela Ofori-Atta.

It is unclear, what his wife will be doing walking into the floor of the House, while he is on official duty to present a budget for the first quarter of next year.

It was like a family and its were to take they last picture; because Ken might not be back again as a Minister.

However, the three, together with Ken Ofori-Atta, were seen walking freely with a camera man taking pictures.

What is more shocking was that, the Mace, the symbol of authority of Parliament whenever the House is in session was still stuck in front of the Speaker, Mike Oquaye, while the cameraman followed taking the pictures.

It is also not clear, who they were and what took them to the chamber with the spouse of the Finance Minister.

The development, has left many Parliamentarians, asking questions.

While some have suggested they were business partners of Mr Ofori-Atta, others have claimed they might be his pals, who had come to observe his budget presentation the last of it, as far President Akufo-Addo's first term is concerned.

But walking about freely and taking pictures in the presence of the mace, while the Speaker was still in his chair, has sparked many questions, including whether or not such a scene can be witnessed in the British House of Commons, the American Congress, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation the Germans' Bundestag.

The Herald, is meanwhile digging to know the identities of the individuals and their presence in Ghana and Parliament in particular.