Lolobi, Akpafu Chiefs Petition Chief Justice  Over ‘Judicial Frustration’

Justice Anin Yeboah, Chief Justice Justice Anin Yeboah, Chief Justice

The Paramount Chief of Lolobi Traditional Area, Nana Akoto Masakyi III, and Adontenhene of Akpafu Traditional Area, Nana Tetteh-Attu IV, have petitioned the Chief Justice over what they called 'judicial frustration'.

In the petition, the chiefs say they have been seeking legal redress over "a gaffe" by the Justice Brobbey Commission to lump their communities into Oti Region and Buem Constituency, although they had made it clear that they did not want to be in Oti Region.

"A gaffe by the Commission lumped us into Oti Region and Buem Constituency respectively; although we the legitimate Chiefs of the two traditional areas, as well as the Kade (custodians of customs and traditions), Queenmothers, opinions leaders and the generality of the people made it abundantly clear that we did not want to be in Oti Region. In fact, we did NOT petition the President at all to begin with.

"Rather than being given a fair hearing and justice as guaranteed under the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, we have become hostage to all manner of official manipulations, unethical and inequitable treatment, undeserving of law-abiding citizens seeking to assert their rights under the 1992 Constitution," the petition read in part.

The chiefs, say that since filing their case to protest their inclusion in Oti Region, "it appears the entire judicial system has become a black hole as far as our quest for justice and fair hearing is concerned."

They want the Chief Justice, Justice Anin Yeboah, to impress on the Courts to give their case a fair hearing and redeem Ghana's judicial process from being compromised.

"We would not surrender our dignity, our heritage of peace and harmony and basic human rights as a people to ill-motivated adventurers who have no sense of history," the petition concluded.