Military Deployment Spark Blows At Ketu South Assembly

Recent deployment of heavily security personnel within the Ketu-South municipalit Recent deployment of heavily security personnel within the Ketu-South municipalit

The recent deployment of heavily security personnel within the Ketu-South municipality of the Volta region, has led to exchange of blows among assembly members on Tuesday, June 30, during a meeting, leaving one assemblyman going home with blood and swollen face.

The incident, which occurred precisely at the main Assembly Hall of the municipality, took the intervention of some staff and other members of the assembly, to separate the brawl, as the meeting came to a close abruptly.

The victim, Richard Nyavi, who is the Assemblyman for Viefe electoral area, near Denu ,who mostly suffered the attack, had since lodged a complaint with the Denu Divisional Police, where a police medical form, had been issued him to go to the hospital.

Mr Nyavi's attacker, a known activist of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Winfred Dakunya, who also happened to be an assemblyman for Akame Electoral area, reportedly fled the premises of the assembly to the house, after sensing danger.

Narrating what led to the scuffle to The Herald, the victim said during one of their committee meetings to discuss the Justice and Security Report of the assembly, one of their members was on his feet to ask questions, regarding the massive military deployment to the municipality.

However, his attacker, Winfred Dakunya, together with few other assembly members on the side of the government, felt uncomfortable with the questions being asked and therefore, started heckling the member for raising the question.

According to him, he then started urging calm by asking those heckling to keep quiet, so that their colleague could go ahead and ask the question, since the issue is of great concern to many residence.

Surprisingly, his call for calm seemingly did not go down well with the Akame Assemblyman. The victim said, his attacker then shouted at him to shut up, because he is newly elected to the assembly and for that reason, he knows nothing.

The Viefe Assemblyman noted that, before he could say jack, he already received heavy slaps, followed by multiple blows which landed on his face.

He recounted that, by the time the brawl could turn into free for all fight, staff from other departments of the assembly, had come to separate them.

When asked what would be his next line of action, he told The Herald, he would report to the police station, after going to the hospital for medical examination.

Mr Nyavi, the Viefe Assemblyman, would not confirm or deny if there would be a reprisal attack.