Mistrust hits senior army officers ahead of Tuesday’s special voting exercise

Lt. Gen Akwa CDS, Dominic Nitwul Defense Minister, Major Gen. Oppong-Peprah, Army Commander Lt. Gen Akwa CDS, Dominic Nitwul Defense Minister, Major Gen. Oppong-Peprah, Army Commander

The Herald has picked up information from the top hierarchy of the Ghana Armed Force (GAF), indicating that some of the officers have sacked their military guards protecting them from their official residence and brought in the soldiers they could trust ahead of Tuesday's Special Voting exercise.

The 1st December polls involve members of the security agencies, journalists and others who have special duties to perform on December 7, hence will have to vote early to be able to prepare for those duties on the Election Day.

People who have mounted surveillance in some of the houses of senior military officers especially those around Roman Ridge area in Accra suspect some sinister is about to happen hence the sudden mistrust that has descended on the senior officers leading to the sacking and replacement of the guards from their official residences.

Among the wild suspicion is that some of the senior officers have sent ballot boxes to their residences to be stuffed with ballot papers in the name of the special votes, hence would not have the existing soldiers snitching on them and leaking information to the public.

Among the top brass of the military who live the Roman Ridge area are Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Lt. General Obed Akwa and the Army Commander Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah.

It unclear if the senior military officers will stoop so low as to allowing the residence to be used for such an exercise. But insiders say the guards have since replaced by colleagues carefully selected and believed to be of outmost loyalty to the Akufo-Addo government.

Meanwhile, other report filtering in to The Herald are that the Police depot and recruits training centers of the Ghana Police Service must be watched carefully to prevent any electoral fraud.

The Ghana Armed Forces, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), the Prison Service and others have in recent times done secrets recruitments and dispatched them to most training centres.

There are reports that they will be allowed to vote in the name of tomorrows Special Voting exercise, and that these centers must be watched to prevent voting irregularities.

Their recruitment were done without the normal procedures of newspaper publication, body selection, medical examination among others.

Other information coming in to The Herald is that police officers on Peacekeeping missions might have their numbers are other details given out to the members of the vigilante groups posing as regular officers and foment trouble as happened at Ayawaso West Wuogon.

More to come!

Source: The Herald