National Security Operatives Deployed Into Marital Grudge Caught Harassing Australian Family

Albert Kan Dapaah Albert Kan Dapaah

There seems to be lawlessness in the rank and file of the National Security Secretariat as the main security wing has now been turned into an avenue for harassment and intimidation by some unscrupulous individuals who are connected to the corridors of power.

The national security secretariat in the past two weeks, have been on rampage unlawfully arresting and detaining three Australian families with no particular charge or offence meted against them.

An estranged wife of Paul List who is known to be connected to the corridors of power is suspected to be using the state institution to settle personal scores.

The List family, are known to have been residing in Ghana for over twenty-five years and own properties and businesses worth millions of dollars.

This inhumane act by operatives of the national security, according to sources was not sanctioned by the high office of the secretariat.

It all began when Paul List, an Australian business and mining contractor, now a Ghanaian citizen was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on March 2, 2021, with his friend former Vibe FM boss, Mike Cooke.

They were returning from a business trip from Sierra Leone and were arrested with an initial flimsy excuse of not having a Covid-19 test card which later turned out to be false.

The first operation was led by one Osei-Tutu at the National Security Secretariat, they were detained and their personal belongings such as phones and laptops seized with no charge or any wrongdoing.

They were subsequently released at midnight without their laptops upon their lawyer's intervention.

National security operatives again stormed Mr Paul List's Labone office last Friday March 19, 2021, with 4 pickups and 2 squad vehicles loaded with armed soldiers and unlawfully invaded, ransacked and destroyed the property of BCM Ghana Ltd.

They arrested two sons of Mr List who are managers of his company and a staff member. Mr List who was the main target of the attack, was not present at the time.

They were dragged by the national security secretariat operatives led again by Osei-Tutu, who detained them for no apparent reason.

The unprofessional conduct by the national security operatives was described as insane and barbaric by some staff members of BCM, who witnessed what they termed as Rambo style invasion.

They are calling on the top hierarchy of the national security to immediately come clean regarding the brutalities meted out against their bosses, as well as calling for the end of such unprofessional conduct by some of its operatives.

According to a staff member who wanted to remain anonymous, the estranged wife of Mr List, who is known to be connected to the corridors of power is suspected to be using the state institution to settle personal scores.

The incidence which occurred in broad daylight attracted a large crowd who looked on helplessly, whilst national security agents ransacked and harassed some top management of the company who demanded for an authoritative note to warrant such action after being handcuffed and assaulted by operatives.

The Australian High Commission, has been informed of this harassment of its nationals in Ghana.

The National Security Minister, Advisor and Coordinator is being urged to intervene over the wrongful harassment of an Australian family, who has denied any wrongful acts of tax evasion or covid tests being purported by national security operatives.

They have challenged the appropriate institutions such as the EOCO and GRA to audit and publish findings to prove if they have indeed flouted any laws of Ghana.

Meanwhile, checks from the office of the National Security Coordinator, denied knowledge of the operations carried by Mr Osei-Tutu and his boss Lt Col. Agyeman.