Police, residents clash over death of 27-year-old man at Liberian Camp

Police, residents clash over death of 27-year-old man Police, residents clash over death of 27-year-old man

Some infuriated youth have attacked the police station at Liberian Camp near Kasoa in the Central Region over the alleged shooting of a 27-year-old man identified as a Nigerian.

The incident which happened today July 18, 2020 has sparked an outrage among the youth in the areas, as they have directed their anger at the police, with claims that victim was allegedly shot by a police officer.

The deceased identified as Precious Watta Billions, according to witnesses, was seen with two machetes which he said was to protect himself from an attack on his life.

The angry residents have destroyed properties of the Buduburam Police Station, with one of the protestors going naked to 'display' his frustration.

The incident was confirmed to the media by the Kasoa District Commander, Superintendent Samuel Odame, who said the shooting was meant to disable the machete-wielding man who was running wild in the community and threatening to harm anyone who came within his reach.

According to the police, Precious or Walter Billions, as the now-deceased man was known, attempted attacking some police officers who were called to rein him in, thus, the gunshots in self-defence.

One of the leaders of the Nigerian Community in the area told journalists the deceased was mentally unsound.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com